Lauren Tickner (@laurentickner) is a 21-year-old fitness entrepreneur with a passion for helping others. Lauren’s aims are to educate, inspire, and empower women and men of every age, all around the world.

YouTuber & host of The Business Meets Fitness Podcast, she will join us at the HBC Summit.

I must admit. I am a MASSIVE workaholic.

So I often find it hard to take time off. However, I’m learning! When I’m with my friends or family, I really make sure I am at the moment. I keep my phone in my pocket and I make sure I am fully present in the conversation.

I started my Instagram as @fitnesslifelauren and it was a secret!

Then, my friends found out about it and the boys in my year totally mocked and embarrassed me. But, fortunately, I did not let that stop me and I kept at it! That was 3 years ago now when I was in sixth form (aged 18), and I am so happy I didn’t quit when I was so close to it!

Meeting the people who follow me is always amazing.

There is no feeling quite like it. I cannot even explain the way it touches me. There is no one ‘highlight’ because every time I hear a story about how my content or products have changed somebody’s life… it is just phenomenal. Hearing feedback like this makes me love what I do even more. It is just so incredible and makes me so emotional!

Sometimes it’s hard to realise quite how many people follow you, as it can feel like a number next to your name. But connecting with people in person and seeing their faces light up is a feeling like no other. It is so surreal.

Credits: @laurentickner

I suppose I wasn’t an ‘influencer’ back then, but a low-light was definitely when I got bullied for my social media.

I was so humiliated. But hey, this low has turned into a massive high now, because it is a good comparison as to how far I have come!

My favourite campaign has to be one I am currently working on with Porsche! I’m sorry but HOW COOL IS THAT!

Top five Instagram accounts to follow?

Best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer?

10000% a trip to Disneyland Paris. My friend and I ran the Disney half marathon and got to stay there for four days! Incredible!

Credits: @laurentickner

Quick-fire questions

  • Hair braided or top knot (aka pineapple)? Braids!
  • Workouts: makeup or no makeup? No makeup!
  • Favourite style of training? WEIGHTS BABY! #StrengthFeed
  • Top YouTuber to follow? Pat Flynn (yup I’m a business nerd lol)
  • Favourite item of clothing? Leggings
  • Favourite activewear brand? Lulu!!!
  • Sneakers or heels? Adidas ultra boost X
  • Gym or exercising outdoors? Gym!
  • Yoga or running? Running
  • Favourite brunch spot? Not going to lie, I’m not one of these massive brunchy people! Stick a bowl of cereal in front of me and we’re talking (aloha cereal killer cafe)
  • Matcha latte or black coffee? Can I be awkward, and say fresh mint tea?
  • Top exercise at the gym? Hip thrusts!
  • Most dreaded exercise? Walking Lunges (weighted)

Lauren will join us at the HBC Summit for our Beyond the Mat panel in London