Lauren Armes, born in Australia, started her career in marketing and international sales – moving to London in 2014 with the view to climb the corporate ladder.

Lauren very quickly realised that by combining her passion for wellness and business acumen, she might just fill an interesting void in the market for an industry guide to the wellbeing industry. And so Welltodo was born:

“All the indicators were there of an emerging industry; with cosmopolitan cities like New York, Sydney and Los Angeles, racing ahead. I realised the trends were sticking – and when Soul Cycle IPO’d, I knew that investors ears would be pricking up too.”

When it comes to Welltodo and its genesis, it’s important to remember that – at the time – the health and wellness industry was still finding its feet and developing into the flourishing UK market we are experiencing today.

It wasn’t just Lauren’s sixth sense that proved her right, as that “…combined with an increase in awareness around lifestyle disease, a proliferation of information about personal wellbeing and preventative health, and a general openness from the public to talk about alternative health services like yoga, meditation, detoxing etc. all pointed toward a surge in new business opportunities – particularly for startups.”

As an early reader of Welltodo – and I am talking first generation era, back in 2014 – I witnessed how the message refined and clearly cemented to turn it into what we now know as THE place to go for wellness for business news and pieces.

Hard work and a clear focus are essential to make it in any business, but when it comes to wellness, influencers and brands alike are still in the process of adopting that mentality.

“Focus is important for any startup. I realised that my passion lay in the business of wellness and figuring out what is driving this beast forward! I discovered that the conversations I enjoyed most were with entrepreneurs and brands who were shaping the future of the industry and bringing their own unique products and services to the consumer.”

The hardest thing when you are bursting with ideas is committing to a single direction. When at the forefront of an emerging industry, you can easily get sidetracked by the doors opening every other minute. In order to maintain focus, finding where the gap lies and filling that gap is essential: ”I realised from previous experience that every established industry needs access to key trends, insights, networking events and other tools to keep it moving – and that we had an opportunity to create that”.

WelltoDo is positioning itself as the leader in its field, with a special focus on connecting brands with potential employees – which is something the industry, at the moment, is clearly lacking.

A lot of our bloggers and influencers are eager to gain experience by working with up and coming brands, however, as in every field, it’s important to do your homework: “figure out exactly which area of wellness you want to work in – the category is now vast – and there are more and more opportunity to find your niche. To do this, I’d suggest researching and understanding who the market leaders are, especially those showing signs of growth, as that is where the employment opportunities will be.”

One of the most important skills to really make a mark is to be extremely proactive and forward-thinking. Like in most industries, most times hidden opportunities will arise when you least expect them. As Lauren points out “never be afraid to reach out and ask, even if the company isn’t hiring. You can also now submit your CV through Welltodo – and we’ll reach out if anything fitting comes up!”

For young and passionate individuals looking to really harness the growth and drive of the industry, this could not be a better time.

Don’t underestimate the power of skills: “skills can always be applied to new industries; so focus on what the company is looking for and then communicate your strengths and experience in a way that is relevant and applicable to the role.”

However, just as we like to say at the HBC, passion is a much better skill than HTML and coding.

“Most importantly, new brands in the wellness industry are looking for passion and enthusiasm – so it’s just as important to convey this. After all, you can’t teach someone passion.”

To keep up to date with industry’s latest news, head to Welltodo. Lauren will be part of our editorial panel at the HBC Summit on 15th April, alongside Amy Hopkinson and Rhiannon Lambert. Don’t forget to join us by grabbing you ticket below.