Let’s be real here: I launched over seven product since I have been in business.My name is Fab, and I am a serial ‘product launcher’ – if such a thing does even exist.

A bit like an AA for entrepreneurs.

The learning curve has been immense, and I’ve been implementing my own strategy since then. In our HBC Academy, we cover different types of products, such as courses, ebooks, and even starting up your food business.

These tips to effectively launch a course, program, meal plan, ebook or anything your heart desires.

Have at least 2 specific opt-ins related to your product

It’s extremely important that you have some free lead magnets (aka, freebies). I’d say at least two. Once people opt-in your website, they’ll be added to a special mailing list. This will allow them to receive behind-the-scene updates about your upcoming product. This is the easiest way to remind people of what you have in the pipeline.

Create an email sales funnel

Once again, I recommend having 3 or more emails scheduled for the launch. As we are talking on topic, remember to send an email on the same day of your early birds closing to increase your signups. The main objection is that you are going to annoy people and they will unsubscribe. And so it is! Especially if these people are in a separate list you set up, they would be there sitting around otherwise. Actively remind them of how AWESOME your product is.

The biggest mistake everyone makes

The launch is over, and you are good to go. Pat yourself on the shoulder, and move on. Yes, that was sarcasm. You still have people sitting there on a mailing list (if you start with a good 6/8 weeks in advance you may have 100+ name ).

I recommend you sending targeted emails every month. Include highlights, new bonuses and testimonials from people who took your challenge. Make them LONG to be on your challenge. You cheeky lil’ thing.

If you are looking for more support, don’t forget to ask for help. Whether you plan to create a course, a challenge or an ebook, this course explains the anatomy of a landing page and how you can use it to share and promote your product. Check out the Academy today.