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Kombucha is already a staple in the wellness world thanks to its good-for-the-gut probiotics, however, not all kombuchas are the same.

Some are loaded with sugar or pasteurised – which basically kills what’s good for you, the mother scoby (homegrown bacteria and yeast symbiosis that is the magical ingredient to kombucha). And there are even bottles that just aren’t quite what they claim.

Not to brag, but we are very knowledgeable about kombucha.

Plus, we like a challenge. We put our ‘booch hats on and had a look at the best picks.

Suja Juice Kombucha (US)

Credits: Suja Website

We already know kombucha is awesome. However, Suja Juice is upping their game with its newest release: this month Suja is coming out with an adaptogenic kombucha in the US. Their Peach Kombucha includes a blend of sweet lemon, a hint of ginger, and a little fizz. This fermented drink starts with exceptional cultures and gets a health boost from probiotics and reishi, a medicinal mushroom used in holistic healing.

You can check the whole range here.

Brew Dr. Kombucha (US)

Credits: @brewdrkombucha

Brew Dr. Kombucha‘s brews are a real boost for your health, On top of the gut-health benefits, its brews have different benefits. Their Clear Mind, for example, is a brilliant botanical flavour with notes of rosemary and sage. Each herb in the recipe is noted for its ability to assist in mental clarity and focus.

Other combinations include ginger and turmeric, love and happiness.

Wild Field Kombucha

Wild Fizz Kombucha is a delicious, refreshing, organic, raw sparkling tea. Their three unique flavours is what sets them apart from most.The combination of lavender, rosemary and lemons will help you relax, unwind and shake those Monday morning blues. Drink it and let the soothing florals and zingy citrus help balance you out.

Jarr Kombucha (UK)

Credits: @jarrkombucha

We are massive lovers of JARR kombucha.

So much so, that we had to boast about them. Production is handled in their Hackney brewery, their flavours are delicious and they even have a very special ‘on tap’ service with Whole Foods in the UK – with their delicious limited edition raspberry flavour. If you are looking for delicious, affordable and stylish – well, you got our pick!

Pj Kombucha (UK)

Credits: @pj.kombucha

PJ Kombucha is a small start-up run by Paddy and Joel (the initials in ‘PJ’) and is currently located in Birmingham. They are both passionate about sharing their knowledge of the benefits of Kombucha and truly believe in what it offers.

With only three flavours, PJ keeps things simple promising unpasteurised Organic Certified Ingredients sourced from UK suppliers.