We all know how important the right kitchen tools can be for food bloggers. Some of them can save us heaps of time, some of them may be the reason why we have breakfast in the morning, when we are late, rushing for the bus or the train.

Some of our awesome bloggers from the Community shared with us their favourite tools, and fear not, among the blenders and smoothie makers we have some truly interesting finds…

My favourite kitchen tool has to be my NutriNinja (food processor and blender).

“It’s so versatile; I make smoothies, nice cream, pestos, pancakes, soups, cakes and even dough. It is so powerful that it takes just seconds to blitz things up and saves so much time when you’re in a hurry. It’s easy to clean, nice to look at and can make you a whiz in the kitchen without being a chef.”

Leisha Mulvey – Leisha Mulvey

My favourite tool at the moment is my pestle and mortar.

“I just love the smell of freshly crushed spices and it’s so much more fun to do by hand. It’s incredibly versatile and sometimes a lot quicker than getting out my food processor to smoosh things. Oh, and grinding and crushing is a great way to get rid of any tension. I have a sexy Joseph Joseph one so it looks nice too.”

Meredith – Food at Heart

It’s got to be a good knife – it makes life so much easier.

“If you’re struggling to chop up fresh produce with a poor quality knife then you’re less likely to make meals from scratch because it seems like too much effort. It’s worth investing in a good knife that will last for years.”

Rachel – Healthy and Psyched

My absolute most favourite tool in my kitchen, the one thing that I would simply be lost without, is my slow cooker.

“Seriously, I feel like sometimes my slow cooker is running my house better than I am! Being a busy mum of two I like to be able to cut corners as much as humanly possible, but i still want to feed the family healthy, nutritious meals. The slow cooker has it all under control. I get up in the morning, run around the house screaming demands at children to make sure we all leave on time, I bung a humongous amount of veggies and some meat into the slow cooker, switch it on, and that’s it — I can leave it to work its magic all day so that, come evening, dinner is all sorted. Soups, curries, bolognese, meatballs, stews, tagines, rice pudding, porridge… yep it’s the pot that just keeps on giving. The other day my slow cooker broke – utter devastation, panic and yes there were tears – thank goodness for Amazon Prime! ”

Bex Stafferton – The Art of Healthy Living

In the years P.O.G. (Pre-Onion Goggles), I used to amuse my family with repeated sprints out of the kitchen and out the back door just to get through chopping an onion.

My eyes are especially sensitive, and it’s proof of my love of onions that I would put up with this painful eye irritation through all my years of cooking. I attempted every onion chopping trick in the book: chilling the onion, bread on my tongue, keeping the root end on (mom’s advice), rinsing the onion—but nothing helped fend off the eye pain until I discovered onion goggles. No tears, no redness, no problems.

Sheryl – Eat well Love long

My current favourite kitchen tool is this clever little hand-blender from John Lewis.

You can find it here – I got it a couple of years ago as a wedding gift, however it has been gathering dust in my cupboard until recently when my smoothie blender broke. I have to say I really regret not using it more often in the past, because it is such a versatile tool! You can not only make smoothies with it, but also soups, mash, pancake batter and even pesto. Pretty much anything you like, in short. The best thing is that it does not make a mess at all and is super easy to clean! What more could I ask for?

Timea – Train Strong to Live Strong