On Thursday 17th November, we’ll be exploring the mystery behind the marketing magic: devising strategy, making measurements and meeting goals.

We’ll be joined by the Founder of Ugly, Hugh Thomas, and the UK Marketing Director of KIND, John McManus, to discuss all things brand marketing, how they work with influencers, strategies to successfully reach their target audience plus much more.

Ahead of our discussion, we caught up with the UK Marketing Team at KIND to discuss everything from opening in different markets to social media.

KIND is a brand of delicious, nutritious snack bars made, quite simply, from whole nuts and fruits, bound together in honey. All award-winning KIND snacks are made from delicious, wholesome ingredients and are gluten-free, high fibre & no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Launched as a startup into the UK 1 year ago, America’s #1 healthy snack brand is available in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods Market & many independent stores.

We encourage consumers to give KIND a try in place of their normal snacking options, they can then make their own decision next time the 3pm slump hits!

In 2004, KIND was founded with the following mission: do the KIND thing for your body, your taste buds and your world. To deepen this mission, we’ve created The KIND Foundation to foster communities that are healthier, more empathetic and embrace our shared humanity.

Through the Foundation, we will strive to improve the way we live, eat and relate to one another. We will continue to place a particular emphasis on celebrating and inspiring kindness…and we’re just getting started.


We try to be as consistent as possible when launching the KIND brand, our #1 strategy is to trial new consumers so when entering a new market we make sure we’re executing great samples as much as possible.

We encourage consumers to give KIND a try in place of their normal snacking options, they can then make their own decision next time the 3pm slump hits!

Away from driving trial, the KIND philosophy is about being good to your body, your taste buds and your world. Not only is KIND a healthy snack, it will also satisfy your taste buds with our unique flavours!

Finally, we make sure we’re having a positive impact on our community: whether its donations from the KIND foundation or helping out at our local food-bank, we try to make a real difference.

How do you make sure you engage with your audience via social media?

Social media is vital for KIND, we use it every day to engage with our ever-growing community. The digital landscape is changing quickly and we’re working hard to keep up with consumer demands, it’s no longer a push channel. We speak directly with consumers on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram so it’s important we have guidelines in place to how we’re engaging.

For example, we ensure we’re replying to queries within two hours and including at least one additional message, whether it’s letting them know where to grab their nearest KIND bar or asking their address to some goodies (sssh…that’s a secret)!

Does your marketing strategy differ between working with ambassadors and communicating with your wider audience?

To date our ambassador work has been sculpted through organic and one-to-one relationships, our fans are very vocal about how much they love KIND! We don’t operate with the budgets to pay ambassadors so it’s important we treat our audience the same, whether they have 300 followers or 300,000.

Having said that, we understand the influence that ambassadors have on their communities so it’ll continue to become a bigger part of our marketing mix.

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