Today we get to know one of our incredible influencers from our crew. Get to know Khrystle and discover how you can join us.

As of now, I work a 9-5, so Monday-Friday I am typically in an office at a desk. Throughout the week I come up with ideas of what content I want to create.

I will produce content after work or on the weekends. I try to find inspiration on a daily basis to try something new or do something different.

I love training.

I have been an athlete my entire life and after college, I wasn’t as active as I once was. I find I feel my best, especially emotionally, when I am consistently working out.

In 2015 I competed in a pole fitness competition and noticed my body was able to put on muscle. The week after the competition I started training for an NPC Bikini competition.

I trained for about a year and I have been hooked with working out ever since. Through NPC training I learned you can literally change the shape of your body, which I think is so cool!

I love training legs, glutes, and abs. The stomach is my favourite part of the body. I love cable crunches for abs, hip thrusts for glutes, and squats. I also like movements where you are working out more than one body part at a time (i.e. Squat to shoulder press).

Credits: @khrystlerea

Everything is superficial and it is all about how you look.

Competing is just as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. Dieting takes a toll and emotionally you go through a lot. Imagine counting your food every day for 16 weeks or more?

It’s a unique kind of lifestyle and it is also hard on the body. Reducing your body fat really takes a toll on the body and can even result in you losing your period for a bit of time.

The best thing about it is seeing results and knowing your strength.

You learn how much you can physically handle, how hard you can work, and you keep getting stronger. You really learn your personal strength, which is incredible. You live the fact that anything is possible if you put in the work.

I mainly work with brands with reviewing different products. I typically do an IG story, IG post, and sometimes a blog post.

The best tip I have been given is to really believe in the brand and work with brands you want to promote to others. I only like to promote brands that I believe in and would personally use.

Credits: @khrystlerea

I haven’t had too many struggles with working with brands.

Recently I did have to decline to work with a brand because I didn’t agree with the quality of their product.