I have been recommended to try journaling a lot of times over the years. From doctors to help with anxiety, tarot card readers and other spiritual professionals.

I would think about what I was going to write and the voice in my head sounded like a dear diary script. It would be then, before pen even met paper that I would feel silly and give up before even beginning. My mum once bought me a beautiful journal to help encourage me, and my husband surprised me one year with a Mont Blanc pen, but unfortunately I had all the gear and no idea.

That was untill recently when I met a lady named Belinda who changed the way I saw journaling from diary writing to a creative form of meditation. If you want to learn how to write killer content, don’t forget to check out our Blog Superhero Course in the HBC Academy.

    • You must not think about it before you sit down, you must not think at all. You see this is your brain trying to script your thoughts and make sense of them. The problem with this is our feelings often don’t make sense and that it is why it is so important to not overthink WHAT you will write JUST WRITE.
  • The moment you put pen to paper something amazing happens, all your gut feelings and thoughts come out, the true, real you the soul you. You may write today is Monday, or whatever day it is, to begin with but then as thoughts dash madly around your head just write them all. Don’t pay any attention to punctuation, spellings, grammar, neat handwriting this exercise is all about getting it out of your head so that your brain has space to create.
  • As with a diary never let anyone read it, and to begin with don’t read it back yourself. Just write your 3 pages everyday turn the page ready for the next day.

* Call it journalling or morning writings the importance is the same. You must write 3 pages every morning as soon as you wake up before you do anything else. If you have nothing to write about write “I have nothing to write about” over and over again. Sometimes if your mind is particularly racing writing these thoughts down can help make sense of it all. If perhaps you have a problem you can easily find the answer during your writing.

As there is a left and right to our bodies are brains are no different.

Think of it like this, the left part of your brain is a slightly negative overcautious parent. Looking for signs of danger at every corner, telling you there’s no point in trying something in case you fail and get hurt, It goes on and on. This side of your brain is the side that looks for factual information, for example the sky is grey, that tree is tall.

The right side of your brain is the creative happy parent, that tells you to go for it, try everything, paint a picture, write a book. This side is the creative side and seeks to find the beauty in everything. The sky is full of mystery, the trees are swaying to their own song.

This not about writing a book, a script, a story. This is a form of meditation to create space within the mind so that clarity and creativity has space to grow.

If you want to read more about morning writings then I would recommend the book The artists way. Then all you need is a notepad and a pen and your ready!