It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and with the recent news that our current services are “failing a generation” (BBC news, 12.05.18), one startup is fighting to improve the way we manage our mental health.

It started when Jiiggl cofounder, Katie, found herself spiralling into an unhealthy obsession with food and exercise while at university.

Dinners out started to induce anxiety, weight started dropping off until eventually friends and family had to intervene and she was diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Through 2 years of recovery, Katie experienced the struggles that so many go through when seeking help, including long waiting lists, high costs of private care, lack of continuity between home and university and no help available after recovery to prevent relapse. After making a full recovery, Katie made the decision to leave a corporate graduate job to train as a nutrition coach and fitness professional, before moving into the world of tech as a way to have a bigger impact.

Katie says, “the thing that gets me, is I never would had to go through what I did if I’d had affordable and easy, quick access to wellness professionals before things got out of hand. Mental wellbeing should be a right, not a privilege, and this is why we’ve entered Voom 2018 awards to get our idea funded and backed so we can make make Jiiggl a reality.”

Jiiggl is an AI and blockchain powered app which becomes your personal wellness concierge, buddy and cheerleader right in your pocket.

After a consultation with the AI chatbot to figure out what you need help with, the severity of the issue and how to best help you, Jiiggl helps you to recover with the help of a team of wellness professionals available for video coaching on demand.

Maintain good health with check-ins as and when you need them, and get daily encouragement from the chatbot who’s tracking your progress.

Jiggle isn’t just for people suffering, you could use a team of wellness pros like dieticians, psychologists, life coaches and personal trainers to set yourself new challenges to reach peak performance. The best bit, is you’ll even get rewarded for doing healthy, “value activities” such as exercising, eating well, putting your phone down and getting enough sleep.

Help make Jiiggl a reality and improve the mental health and wellbeing of a generation by voting for Jiiggl in the Voom 2018 business awards – votes close 15th May, 7pm.