Jennifer Moore is the CEO and co-founder of organic nut butter company, JEM Raw.

My role and my company

I am one of three Co-Founders and the ‘elected’ CEO. I’m pretty sure I was elected because no one else really wanted the role. We were advised to have an acting CEO so there was always someone who was responsible to give the final word. All fingers pointed to me, and I said yes not really knowing what I was saying yes to. Five years later, I now embrace and understand my role as CEO and how it best serves the growth and mission of Jem.

My daily responsibilities

 I wear many, many hats. My main responsibility that hold the highest priority is implementing the mission, vision and values of Jem. Approving opportunities that are in alignment with our values and declining the ones that are not. This leads to my second role, which is to create policies and procedures that apply to job descriptions and tasks – assuring that our mission is supported. Which in turn leads to Human Resources (HR). Creating and refining job descriptions, hiring, training, and re-assigning people and roles when necessary. At the size of our company today, I make sure I train anyone who works for Jem – from factory labourer to contract workers to demo representatives. I make sure everyone knows once you work for Jem, you represent Jem and the Jem mission. Another one of my hats is Marketing –maintaining a brand message that’s also in alignment with our mission and values. With Manufacturing, I take responsibility for QC (quality control) to ensure our Jem standards are also met (after creating them in the first place years ago). Raising capital, creating pitch decks, and working closely with financing to understand our micro and macro needs are a few other responsibilities I have at Jem.

My typical Day:

Oh wow! Typical? Haha – OK, I will do my best to answer this question. To start, I do have themes of the day that help keep me focused.

  • Monday is Management. I look over the big picture: monthly and quarterly goals, and department KPI’s. I try not to schedule meetings on Mondays.
  • Tuesday is Taco Tuesday – and – Production (I really do have tacos on Tuesdays). I make sure to visit the factory and review the week’s goals with our Production Manager.
  • Wednesday is Marketing, I’ll review all social media channels and our website to assure that the Jem brand and its messaging all meet our Jem standards.
  • Thursday is Sales. I review quickbooks and sales goals with our VP of Sales, my husband.
  • Friday is Financial Friday. I review current AR/AP and cash as well as budget goals with my financial administrator.   

So a typical day: I’ll be up with the sun at 6:30 AM and do some stretching, walk my sweet dogs, eat breakfast –usually something savoury and hearty. ‘Jem talk’ starts while walking the dogs with my husband. We intentionally keep is casual.

8 AM: start with organising the day’s meetings and prioritising urgent email
9 AM: start meetings depending on the day of the week as mentioned above
11 AM: walk dogs, 15-minutes
1PM: lunch
3 PM: walk dogs, 15-minutes
5:30 PM: dinner
7:30 PM: finish up emails and ‘sweep’ the day’s priorities

JEM_Picnic_hires-005The environment in the office:

We have a great, open space with a lot of activity. Our ‘live/work unit’ in Bend, Oregon is pretty progressive and we value that concept. The retail and Jem Tasting Room space is on the first floor where we always have a guest artist displayed. We live upstairs and also have two more offices for sales and customer service in our living space. We are moving to a shiny, new factory in June of this year. At that time, we will move all offices except mine to the new space – keeping the Jem Tasting Room open to the public.

My lunch break looks like:

I am so blessed to work in a ‘live/work space that’s in walking distance to my favourite restaurant, Sunny Yoga Kitchen. I also can run upstairs to fix a quick bite to eat or have a long walk with my dogs, Lily and Isabella. I do not schedule lunch meetings – not good for my digestion, or my mind, to stay plugged-in all day long.  

How I unwind after work:

Animals, nature, and loved ones. I adore walking along our river trails (the centre of Bend is the bendy Deschutes River). Often I’ll stop by the water and just sit. I also have great friends and family that will listen to my verbal debrief of the day – this is very helpful – they are good listeners, my true gems.

What’s to prepare for the next day?

Gathering up all my colourful sticky notes around my computer and adding any task or reminder to my to-do calendar book. I also go through all starred emails and top priority tasks one last time – just to double-check and make sure all the balls are still in the air before I call it a day – leaving me calm and ready to enjoy the beautiful life we work hard for every single day.