Úna Donohoe is the founder of food content agency, Savage Food Co. She’s a trained chef with a masters in international food marketing and has worked in all aspects of food; from leading a team of chefs, to export marketing with the Irish food board and content development for food brands, apps and influencers through Savage Food Co.

Working in food is her absolute passion and she can be found researching, creating, munching and experimenting in Dublin, London, Dallas and everywhere in between.

We chatted with Una to learn more about food video and to find out if it’s set to outgrow other types of content.

Why do you think video has grown in popularity as a medium for social media?

Video is an amazing way to tell a story, to share information and to excite the imagination. Your audience are likely to be following hundreds of foodie accounts, scanning through mailing lists and listening to podcasts.

It takes attention-grabbing content that offers real value to get that follower to pause on your post a little longer.

Video is a brilliant way to do this. In recent years, good quality video has become so much more accessible with the amazing video shooting capabilities of our phones and with the increased availability of 4G we have the tech and data to support our video watching habits.

Do you think video is going to outgrow other types of content? If so, why?

There are lots of indicators to say that video is definitely well on its way to outgrowing other forms of content. Facebook is forecast to outgrow Youtube as the number one online video platform with Facebook Live, Facebook Stories and most interestingly Facebook Watch which is expected to launch in the UK this summer. We are seeing Instagram grow faster than any other social platform. Attracting these new users with a range of engaging ways to share video, from simple video posts to Instagram stories and now IGTV. Snapchat and Twitter are on the same video path.

They all aim to provide entertainment and information on their platform in the most engaging way possible which, nine times out of ten, is in video format.

Why do you think brands and influencers are producing more engaging content in video format?

Brands and influencers are seeing really interesting results from posting engaging video content. Video posts provide much more value to your audience and therefore a more engaging viewing experience. Brand marketers are looking at the numbers and can see that video posts have a 135% increase in organic reach on social. People are spending 2.6 times the amount of time on a page with video over one with just photos and text – obviously a big plus for brand or blog recall. Sites with video are attracting three times more inbound links than those without which means, they are being shared more, seen by a growing audience and are killing it in SEO ranking meaning they will continue to reach a growing audience.

In terms of a brand growth strategy video is a no brainer.  

When it comes to stop motion videos, where do you think there is the appeal?

I love stop motion videos, they can be so playful and allow for so much creativity. Well crafted stop motion videos can use the scene changes in really clever and playful ways. You can take a basic concept, add in some imagination in the story or in the setting and make a really fun video from it. The best thing about stop motion is that if you have time, creativity and attention to detail, anyone can create really nice stop motion videos using a smartphone and a stand.

Why do you think more and more people are outsourcing content?

We would all LOVE to be able to create our own content but doing this in addition to recipe writing, testing, audience building, regular blog posts, attending events and managing brand partnerships can make it incredibly difficult.

The other reason is that great content takes a quite a lot of planning, patience and skill to shoot and edit smoothly.

It’s really soothing to watch a beautiful recipe video that seems so easy to create but that’s the skill of the creator, making it seem so effortless. You need your videos to match the quality of the rest of your work, to ensure that they are nice to watch and reach your posting standards.

Another great benefit of outsourcing is working with other creatives who understand your brand and your values. When it comes to recipe development or videography some of the best ideas come through collaboration, putting your own spin and style on the concepts that come out of a joint ideation session.

Why do you think more and more brands are finding the value in recipes?

Brands invariably want more people to discover and love their products. Providing content that isn’t simply a product shot but is really adding value to their consumer is a great way for brands to connect with their audience. Consumers are also demanding more from brands, we want to support brands who echo our values and make their products in a sustainable, responsible and ethical way.

Video is a great way to engage new audiences and build connection and trust in what the brand stands for.

In addition, brand marketers are often very focused in what they would like content to achieve, usually increase brand awareness, purchase frequency or penetration among a certain demographic. Recipes are a great engaging way of achieving these goals and showing that a product can be used in multiple ways for different occasions. In the same way that Philadelphia Cream Cheese became synonymous with bagels and brunch, brands are using recipe videos to make you consider their products at those different occasions or meal times.

The best thing about social media marketing is that the brand will not only have more than double the organic reach with a video post but they will also be able to target specific audiences with this post in their advertising.

For more from Una, find her on Instagram or send her an email at una@savagefood.co

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