As you may know, I love helping people. Let’s be honest, I would not be doing what I do if I did not enjoy it. One of the things that I really love, is facilitating relationships with people. I am good at bringing people together and supporting them with growth and collaborations.

This is what I am looking to talk about today. Collaborations.

To be precise, guest blogging.

Guest blogging and cross-promoting are an incredible way to grow your online influence. Moreover, right now guest blogging is much more than an exchange of articles (which is basically the reason behind my clickbaity title).

There are a few more ways you can collaborate, and as I share today on IGTV to promote my crowdfunding for my upcoming book.

Below there are a few more ways to collaborate with people – as well as a few effortless guest-blogging options:

Joint Lives on Social

Facebook and Instagram live are becoming more and more popular, and are a great way for influencers to team up and create great content together. It’s an effortless way to connect and tap into different audiences. I do recommend Instagram Live for joint goodness and extra TLC from your followers. Just make sure you promote your upcoming live stream.

Podcast guests

Podcasts have been pretty hot for a while now, but as we are endlessly craving for more inspiration and education, being guest on a podcast has now become a way to reach a new audience, and almost test any public speaking skills. Coming from someone who had no training (aside from A LOT of instances, in which she found herself with a microphone and a crowd to entertain), podcasts can also boost your confidence.

Speaking at events

Another great way to collaborate, as well as establish yourself and your expertise, is to speak at events. However, chances are that a lot of people running events are looking for someone who can also contribute with bringing people to an event, which means it’s much harder for people with smaller influence.

Guest-blogging: a few ideas

Let’s say you are looking to get to the old school guest-blogging. There are a few ways to swap ideas and get started. I personally love series or interviews, as they make it easier for both the guest-bloggers and the bloggers to communicate, as well as set expectations. Or very own ‘Start your Own‘ series, for example, works very well with brands.

There are so many ways you can collaborate, and there is not necessarily a better way to do it. Just get out there, and work with others in order to grow your own influence.

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