We know you were not happy about Instagram’s latest algorithm change.

You were probably even less happy about the shadowban and hacks that have also been happening recently.

We just got used to their new algorithm, and now we have to familiarise with the new grid layout.

Credits: Twitter @chrisrosecas

4×4? Really?

For those who really put efforts in their 3×3 composition and aesthetic, this new update will be a real shocker. Not even the live stories filters will be able to distract us from that.

More bad news for compulsive un-followers.

Instagram is about to highlight if a person follows you back via each profile. Already released on Androids, the new update will see a “Follows you” message appear underneath the username and bio of a person’s profile. There is nowhere to hide now.

However, we are wanting to end on a positive note.

We all know about the new paid partnership with tool on Instagram, but when will be able to see it in action. As per usual, Instagram likes to roll out things and let them crop out veery quietly.

However, we spotted a few first instances of their new sponsored solution – which we talked about extensively before.

As per today, every company can be tagged as a partners – most importantly they can identify and measure relevant KPI’s like Impressions and Engagement Rate as part of their well-known Facebook Page Insights, while the accounts publishing the posts can look into the statistics directly on Instagram.

Only verified Instagram Accounts can use the new function. The tool, just like it’s Facebook counterpart will be called “Branded Content Tool”. This is not too surprising, as Facebook has been slowly integrating with Instagram. As well as checking Insta-notifications via your Facebook page up, Facebook just added a new main navigation menu on mobile that includes a link to your Instagram profile.

It’s going to be easier than ever to switch between your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This may not be the solution to ALL our problems, but it will be surely help us forgetting, even if for just a second, about the 4×4 grid.