Instagram is pushing regulations over branded content and sponsored posts – especially as it’s considered the key platform for influencers to monetise their content.

As we mentioned before, the sponsored posts are identified at the top as a “paid partnership with” an advertiser, automatically providing the partners with data about the post’s performance.

The company first introduced the tool in June, then made it available to more accounts in August while also establishing a policy requiring that all branded content be published using the tool – especially since the FTC has shown concern about influencer marketing, too.

Last week, Instagram expanded the availability of the tool to Instagrammers with high levels of engagement and access to insights. This expansion will allow us to continue to learn how creators, businesses and the community engage with branded content.

As they state in their business blog: “What we’ve learned is that the branded content tool provides valuable insights to businesses, and is making it easier for creators like Xenia Tchoumi to clearly communicate when they are working in partnership with a business.”

Now influencers that have access to the branded content tool will receive in-app notifications when our systems find content that falls outside of Instagram policy.

Once notified, they “will have the option to tag a business.”

These notifications are intended to make it easier to use the “Paid partnership with” tag and educate the community on Instagram’s branded content.

(Instagram business)