Styling is King

Many people who enjoy posting pictures of their food and/or all-day life ask me how to grow your account. What makes instagramming so much fun is the interaction that goes on there, the comments and likes you get and the people behind those comments you get to know. But for that interaction you need a certain amount of followers. And followers you get by having a nice account and a recognizable style. But how do you make your pictures on Instagram recognizable?

For food photographers there is this one tip that I always share: Find a styling that suits you (which means background, props and lighting) and then stick to it! The biggest food accounts out there are the ones whose pictures you instantly recognize, like @plantbased_pixie, @flourishinghealth or @roadtoeverywhere, just to name a few. And remember to use popular hashtags. For health bloggers those might be #healthybreakfast, #govegan, #veganfoodshare and (of course!) #hbloggers. And always remember that interaction comes from action – be active yourself, like and comment and people will find you! But most of all – enjoy what you do!

Lottie is Very Berry Lottie,  22 year old girl from Finland and an aspiring graphic designer who shares her love for healthy and pretty food over instagram. When she doesn’t cook she’s most probably wandering around in the Finnish forests picking berries or ice swimming. Or exploring the world, as travelling is one of her biggest passions. Lottie’s dream is to one day work for an environmental organization in order to keep the Finnish lakes as clean as they are and save her beloved rainforests and oceans.

Learn to say ‘No’

When it comes to collaborating with brands, something no one ever seems to talk about is saying no. Yet this is probably the most important point of all. Saying yes to every collaboration that comes your way could potentially jeopardise your integrity and image. Even just working with two competing brands simultaneously can look bad, and won’t get you good relationships with brands. This is why it’s so important to know when to say no. Ask yourself: do I believe in this product? Do the brand’s ethics and philosophy match mine? Will my followers like them? Only if the answer to every one of these questions is yes should you proceed. If there’s any doubt in your mind, wait a day or two, and if you’re still not sure the safest option is to say no. You are too valuable, and there is too much at stake.

Pixie is a 22-year-old scientist and food blogger from London thriving on a plant based vegetarian and refined sugar free diet. She has organised events such as the famous Plant Based Picnics, and given talks in London about the science of food. You can drool over her food on Instagram and find her recipes on her website Plant based Pixie.