Sophie Gordon, creator of Dust Granola, shares her experience in starting a company.

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Where did the idea for Dust granola come from?

Dust Granola was pretty much inspired by my recent travels to Australia and Bali. I wanted to create something simple, that not only I would make for myself each week but felt passionate and confident to promote to others too. I also wanted to do something that was simply delicious and catered to a wider variety of people – hence being vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free, grain free and therefore paleo too. I didn’t want to add anything that was not needed such a processed sugars and oils. A lot of granola’s out there that claim to be ‘healthy’ are loaded with unwanted ingredients, sugars and fats and heavily processed. It’s great to create something so tasty and full of such great nutritious ingredients.

What’s the meaning behind the name Dust?

The name Dust actually spurred from a family joke. Having always added nuts, seeds, small fruits, you name it i’d have probably topped my salad with it, or veggies, therefore my family used to call it ‘Dust’. It only seemed appropriate to call it this as the image I want to create and how I prefer to enjoy it, topped on smoothie bowls, yoghurt etc. I also thought it was quite ironic, given that a lot of cereals or granolas claim ‘look no dust’, but in-fact I actually love that about mine. More like ‘fairy dust’ or sprinkles. Wow that may seem such a silly idea but hey!

How did you find the process of getting your granola business up and running?

It’s been hard work, in fact it still is. But that’s what makes it enjoyable. Facing new challenges and figuring out different directions or what may be next for Dust granola. I think being constant is super important and also really knowing about your product. There have been times where i’ve had to hold back due to funds etc but that’s the beauty of setting up your own business, you really truly are in control.

Any top tips for bloggers who want to create their own brand/range of products?

I’d say one of the most important things, and something i’ve found has really helped me, is truly believing in your product. Know about what you are selling, what the benefits are, what the cons may be and always thinking of ways to better it. Make sure to rave about it on social media and really create a brand awareness, appealing to the audience you think is appropriate. Another great tip is to have a plan. Small or big, write down some goals, where you see it going and what you actually want to achieve with it – whether that’s just simply profit, to educate, what ever it is, having a rough idea really helps you figure out ‘what’s next’.

What is a lesson you wish you had known when you started?

It may not be classed as a lesson but I’ve had times where i’ve had to put it on the back burner due to funds, or starting a new job and I wish i’d had a voice in my head just telling me to not drop back, keep it going even if its not exactly what you want to do with it, keeping it up just a small amount is better in the long run. Like I said, consistency is key, and i’ve had great response in such a short time when i’ve stuck to this rule.