Last month we launched #ReclaimYourDayOff – the Health Bloggers Community’s answer to redefining the hustle.

We asked five of our favourite influencers from the HBC Crew how they reclaim their day off.

Here’s what they said:

Hedi Hearts

Reclaiming a day off is not easy, I am still working on it but slowly realizing the value in my mental and physical fortitude when I rest my mind, body and soul.

I don’t set a day in a calendar, I take it as it comes, or plan it the day before. Most importantly I tell people I’m switching off. I don’t know about you, but once you say it out loud you just have to do it, right?

Switching off from social media is the hardest bit, especially if your whole livelihood is based on it, but there are ways:

Rule number one: disable notifications to prevent all the temptations!

Rule number two: go somewhere with no wifi or reception. Once you lift your eyes off the phone there is a beautiful world out there.

Rule number 3: me time! When is the last time you read a book and have a face mask (without having to review it on your blog)?

Rule number 4: spend time with family. I am a mum of two and a game of Uno or Snap can be a lot of fun while spending quality time together.

Rule number 5: the most important one: Don’t beat yourself about not doing anything.

I am guilty of this too. But it’s okay to do nothing: it’s okay to spend a day in bed watching favourite TV programs, it’s okay not to put make up on and spend the whole day in pyjamas.

It’s okay to be lazy, it’s actually good for you and your wellbeing.


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Erin Wathen Wellness

I so feel the struggle to reclaim our day off. 
I do not work on Sundays, other than an hour of prepping for the week from 8-9pm which isn’t stressful. My kids are in their beds reading at 8pm, and I grab some tea.
I make my planning fun, as a brilliant energy reading friend of mine made a planning agenda coloring book. I take out my calendar, colored pencils, my coloring agenda and envision my week. Prioritize my short and long term goals, sort what is business, family or self on my agenda. 

My Sunday night blues have significantly decreased with this ritual. 

Timea from Train Strong To Live Strong

I have a very busy office job which I am trying to juggle with my blogging.

No matter how busy I am, I always devote Sundays to recharge myself. I know I can be more productive and happier when I put my ‘to do list’ aside for a day. If you are always ‘switched on’, you can burn out easily – I learnt this the hard way in the past!

My favourite way to kick start my Sunday is making a luxurious breakfast (such as pancakes), and brewing a strong cup of coffee in my moka pot which I never have time for during the week.

I would then head out for a long, easy run somewhere beautiful to clear my head, such as Black Park, the riverside in Marlow and Henley, or Virginia Waters.

Trail running always helps me deal with stress, finding clarity and refreshing myself inside out. A double win!


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Pilar from Nutrien3

To Reclaim My Day Off I create an empty space in my agenda; I usually choose one Sunday a month.

I take a deep breath and listen that inner voice demanding silence, attention, time, peace…

I ask “what could I give you to show you love?” And I don’t wait for the answer: within hours after that, in a magic way something calls my attention. It might be trying a new local for brunch, an excursion to a local place I´ve never been before, a special offer for a beauty session… 

When the “special day” arrives, I don’t feel guilty for not working. I switch off my phone and get ready to enjoy a new experience on my own.

Your body is the temple where your soul rests. You’re not what you do, what you have, what people think about you… you are more than that.

To #ReclaimYourDayOff get in touch with your inner essence where the unconditional self-loving/care is the purpose of the life. 


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Emma Allen from Fit Cake

I like to spend time running when I’m not blogging as it is my release from every day and thinking time that allows me to relax. I try to do this at least 3 times a week and one day a week I’ll avoid interacting online and run, do yoga, eat well and pamper myself properly.

It’s important for me to reclaim my day off so I can restore balance and take care of my mental health and well being without running the risk of overloading.

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