There is a big opportunity this Christmas and it lies in word of mouth marketing.

It appears that 84% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and strangers over other marketing channels.

In a poll of 2,000 shoppers showed that 31.7% visit social websites more than once a day during the holiday season, specifically to browse for gift ideas (Forbes).

Brands everywhere will be scrambling to capitalise on consumer frenzy: one tactic that most brands should be tapping into as part of their marketing mix is digital influencer engagement.

Another survey showed that 61% of shoppers use Facebook as their first source of holiday inspiration.

The way to do this is to unleash your most influential customers to spread the word about the role your brand plays in their very own Christmas – without having to work around their current lifestyle and preferences. 

If it’s something they are likely to buy for themselves than it’s going to be impactful.

Authenticity allows brands to reach consumers who directly relate to your brand.

Brands must learn to tap into aspirational narratives around Christmas: selling them an experience and one of the best feelings out there – the feeling of Christmas.

In a time where people are hungry for inspiration, more consumers are turning to hashtag searches then ever. Influencer campaigns can be started and finished within a week or two – because they are incredibly timely.

The holiday season provides a time-sensitive call-to-action, which makes November and December particularly valuable months for sales-focused collaborations.

Running holiday sales by giving each influencer a unique discount code can help motivate sales while allowing you to more easily track which influencers have performed the best for you.

Venz Box was able to back up that sentiment: The app saw a 220 percent spike in average daily sales on Thanksgiving Day versus a regular one. On Black Friday – a record-setting day in terms of sales – there were three times as many clicks from influencer content to retailers’ sites compared to a regular day. Venz Box was unable to give a sales figure for Friday, but for context, the previous biggest sales day was $26 million in July (

The rules for brands are simple: relevancy is more important than reach; collaborate with influencers and don’t dictate the creative; and lastly, amplify influencer content and make it part of the integrated campaign.

Influencers, time to be proactive!

There are so many ways you can create enticing products for brands: what about a creative advent calendar in collaboration with brands you love?

For you as content creators, it’s just giving their fan base what they want: guidance on where to get the best deals and what they should be buying – and your reach will clearly benefit from this as well.

If you’re looking to kick some goals this holiday season, recommendations and a good ol’ sprinkle of Christmas spirit should be on the menu.