We kick off our influencer spotlight series with Lisa-Jane from Wildcat Fitness. We love to spread the word about our influencer services in the Health Bloggers Talent Programme. We know just how inspiring it is to go BTS and learn the tips and tricks of incredibly successful people in the industry.

Lisa-Jane Holmes, Influencer and PT

Website: Wildcat Fitness

Instagram: @wildcatfit

Influencer earnings: Probably around 10-15% of my total income right now.

I am a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Blogger from London with a passion for helping everyone live their best active life and unleash their inner Wildcat!

As I work in the fitness industry full time as a PT and Instructor, fitness/health influencer work slots in relatively naturally – in that I wear activewear every day, use pre and post workout supplements, consume snack bars, protein powder etc – so a lot of brands and products fit easily into my lifestyle; posting about them in a genuine way is easy.

However, I earn very little from my influencer work at present, and so it is always done around my clients and classes (as these are my main sources of income). During busy periods it can be tough to create social content and blog posts.

My routine

Being self employed and working in fitness, my days vary in routine — some are more client heavy, some days I teach two classes, and some days I have blocks of time to sit and do admin. They’re normally a combination of something like this:

Usually I get up around 6.30am as most days of the week I have early morning clients. I lay my gym kit and beauty products out the night before and almost always prepare breakfast so everything is ready and I can buy myself ten more minutes in bed! Breakfast when I’m out the door early is usually overnight oats — at the moment I am loving them with matcha powder and almond milk, topped with fresh berries.

Usually I see three or four clients in the morning, and three days a week I teach a lunchtime Group Fitness class, so after my clients I’ll generally try to schedule at least half an hour just to catch up with myself and have coffee before my class so that I arrive fresh and composed.

Some afternoons I have more clients, but when I don’t I use the time to either do client admin (sessions plans, scheduling, responding to emails), planning classes (learning choreography, making playlists etc) or doing brand/social media/blogging work. I then work again in the evening — three nights a week I teach classes and one evening I see clients. I try as much as possible to keep Friday evenings free so that I can have at least one night of the week to enjoy dinner with my husband!

On top of this there are also events, launches, meetings and of course my own training. In addition to the seven group fitness classes I teach (and fully partake in) every week I try to do two other sessions just for myself — normally one weight lifting and one “treat”class somewhere in London — my two current favourite studios are Psycle and KOBOX.

I try to cook as much as possible and make sure I’m eating healthy. Ideally I eat food prepared from scratch where I can, which isn’t always easy but if I have the time to cook and meal prep I always take it.

On sponsored content

Usually I work with brands through sponsored posts or content, i.e. I try or use their product and then write about it in relation to my experience, or through something a bit more creative e.g. a bespoke workout, recipe or Instagram takeover.

My advice? Be authentic

Brands will want to work with you because of you, not because you’re trying to be someone else or who you think they want you to be. Especially when it comes to sharing brand content on social media, I think followers are very savvy now and can see when a sponsored post isn’t the right fit for an influencer and doesn’t seem to fit in with their lifestyle or ethos.

Being a micro-influencer is still not easy

One of the biggest difficulties I face is getting brands to see that micro influencers are just as important as the huge fitness stars — I often get overlooked for “only” having 13k followers as opposed to 250k — and yet I get clients, class members and indeed followers asking me every single day for fitness, health and nutrition advice so my influence is so much wider than just my social media following. I think brands get too caught up with stats sometimes.

I’m a brand ambassador for Lorna Jane UK and it’s a role I love because I am so passionate about the brand.

The clothes are “so me” and I wore them long before I had any involvement with the brand, and I love the fact that Lorna Jane Clarkson is such a strong female role model and so passionate about helping women to feel and look good when they train. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with some amazing events like Active Nation Day last year – teaching to almost 1000 fit females!