On combining influencer work with daily life:

It can be difficult feeling like you have to be active on social media. However, I stay true to myself and if I don’t feel like engaging on social media I won’t — it has to be something that you enjoy doing to stay true to yourself and your brand. I abide by this when it comes to building relationships with brands too. I like them to naturally fit in with my daily life so that content is organic and true to me as much as possible.

Work with brands that are true to you and you genuinely believe in as it will carry through in your work and will be a lot more mutually beneficial for the both of you.

The biggest struggle when working with brands has been…

Pricing and Timing! Your work is precious and time is money. Brands can sometimes find it hard to see the effort and time that goes into work as an influencer and even with a price guide I find that there’s always a struggle to get paid fairly.

My favourite collaboration so far was with Hallow and Plank.

Hallow and Plank are a yoga wear brand. As well as being treated fairly and well, I love working with motivated female entrepreneurs and people who you’re really on the same page as. I’ve loved building a relationship that has been successful for the both of us.

My typical day as an influencer:

Wake up: 7.30 ish

Start my day: I always do a little morning yoga practice and read a morning meditation. Even if just for 10 minutes, it wakes me up and balances me for the day ahead.

Breakfast: ALWAYS! (I am such a breakfast girl and always look forward to this). It’s usually overnight oats, eggs and Rye Toast or a smoothie bowl.

Dog Walk: Usually, I will then take my doggies for a walk and while on the walk I will plan my day, answer emails, make some phone calls and schedule my social media posts.

Work / Meetings: I’m always out of the house as I find it hard to work from home in the day and will usually have at least two meetings to get to.

Getting About: I get about my day cycling and walking as I love the headspace in between work and meetings.

Lunch and Coffee: I like to try and take lunch with me but this doesn’t always work out. I will usually have a salad and protein for lunch through, and snack on fruit and nuts. I have become a fan of coffee over the past year and now really appreciate it. I love working in coffee bars and will usually treat myself to one almond milk flat white a day, then I stick to herbal teas and water for the rest of the day.

PT or Gym: When I leave the house I always take my gym kit with me as I will usually have a PT session or class sometime that day or evening. Sometimes I will have it on me and not get to the gym though, I just like to always be prepped!

Work: I will try and get at least 2/3 hours of work in the morning and then another 3/4 in the afternoon. I will work into the night too. I write a list but at the moment it’s never ending and I’m studying to be a Health Coach so I fit in some study towards this everyday too.

Dinner: I will usually be home and have dinner with my mum and sister. I usually have a brown rice, protein and veg meal. I love to eat healthily as it makes me feel good about myself and helps keep me energised. I also get hungry a lot and eat a lot of the food I eat. A few nights a week I will probably review a restaurant over supper and for this I will invite different friends to accompany me and make it a nice social occasion.

Post Dinner: I will work in front of the TV until around 10.30 and then I try and relax. I usually make some overnight oats for my breakfast and have a cup of night time tea.

Bed at 11.30 / 12: I write in my diary and attempt to get to bed by this time and feel so much better when I do, although it can be hard to always achieve this!