Next up in our influencer spotlight series is Monique from Nourish Everyday. We love to spread the word about our influencer services in the Health Bloggers Talent Programme. We know just how inspiring it is to go BTS and learn the tips and tricks of influencers in the health & wellness world.

Monique shares how she balances being a lawyer, student & blogger, and talks all things collaborations, pricing and authenticity.


I work with brands independently, though I do sometimes work on campaigns found via apps on my iPhone.

Being a lawyer is my main source of income.

I’m not worried about that nor do I want to change it up right now — I want to become a degree-qualified nutritionist, that’s my main focus. Lawyer work is excellent for supporting my studies! The blog is a passion project at present, though it does generate some revenue.

Influencer work doesn’t make up a huge part of my life right now, though it is slowly increasing in volume.

Because of my work and study commitments, while I do love to work with brands that I love, it cannot always be my priority. I work mainly as a commercial lawyer (4 days per week), and then I run my blog and study toward my Health Science degree as my “side business”. Eventually I will qualify as a nutritionist and once that becomes more of a primary focus, I may end up working more with brands in a consulting role.

Don’t jump at every opportunity and only choose to work with brands you actually enjoy and connect with.

It is SO hard to produce authentic, attractive content when it’s for a product or service you don’t feel something for. You’ll enjoy yourself more and you’ll foster better working relationships that will reward you more significantly in the long term.

I’ve had a long-term collaboration running (still running!) with Whey Ahead organic protein.

It’s been a pleasure working with Whey Ahead, not because it’s a big revenue winner for me, but because of the relationship I’ve developed with the brand. The founder, Ethan, has become a friend and someone I trust to talk ideas with. He’s always encouraging and supporting me! Also, it’s a perfect example of partnering with a brand I genuinely love. I use their protein quite a few times a week.

Pricing can be tricky.

Influencer marketing is a new world and there’s not really a set rate you can refer to with much authority. And then there’s often pressure from brands to turn around something pretty amazing for quite a low price. You work out what you’ve earned by the hour and you’re like — OH. But I’m getting better with that these days, slowly!

My other struggle is that I really do stick to my guns about only wanting to work with brands whose products I am genuinely interested in and/or actually do use personally. Sometimes I have to turn down work which is hard, because of course I need to try to support and grow this “side business” of mine.

I wake up early between 6-7am and will usually go for a walk, a vinyasa yoga class or a barre class at Xtend Barre London. Then I quickly change and dash into the office for my lawyer job, with a jar of overnight oats in my bag.

At lunch I’ll try to duck out for a walk and I’ll grab a salad box and snacks for the afternoon (I love the Pret veggie boxes plus some boiled eggs, or another healthy gluten-free chain like Leon or Abokado — just things near the office!).

If I get some down time at work, I’ll review my social media and try to respond as best I can.

Once work is finally done I’ll walk home and make myself dinner. I like to meal prep roast veggies, rice and/or quinoa on the weekend so it’s just a matter of cooking up a protein and plating everything up. If it’s not too late I’ll work on my blog for an hour or try to filter through some emails. I usually cook and photograph my recipe blog posts over the weekend, and then just edit and write during the week.

Then it’s dark chocolate, hopefully some cuddles with my husband and time for bed. (Okay and at the moment it’s also watching Love Island!).