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One of the first rules of content creation is that, no matter how often you post, if you do not market your content effectively, your efforts are mostly vain. Harsh, but true – you know I am not one for sugar coating things.

Being up to speed with some of the latest tools that help your marketing efforts is pivotal. Luckily enough, you have us to help you to navigate the ever-changing world of blogging and marketing.

Share other people’s content the smart way

You will have heard me talking about providing value by promoting other people’s content more than once. Focus on doing this mostly on social media, so that you don’t limit yourself to constantly promoting only your own stuff.

Curating content simply means sharing other people’s solutions and resources with your audience. Otherwise, you risk coming off as solely self-promotional.

I would recommend you use Buffer for resharing content in an effortless way.

Re-share your content for evergreen marketing

Another thing you may have heard me say before is that promoting your own content once on social media doesn’t mean your job is done – most likely, with the lifespan of a tweet being around 20 minutes, you are not tapping into the full potential of your audience.

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But let’s face it: re-sharing content can get overwhelming if you’re responsible for multiple posts.

Hiplay pulls content you’ve already shared on social media from multiple accounts and lets you select evergreen posts you want to put into heavy rotation – up to ten times a day. If this sounds like heaven to you it’s because, in a way, it is.

With FB reach diminishing drastically at every algorithm’s change of thought, re-sharing is an essential practice for your blog.

Make your content shareable

If you are part of our membership, you may be familiar with SumoMe. From welcome mats to scroll boxes, contact forms to heat maps, SumoMe is literally the Jack of All Trades of marketing.

For social media sharing, Share for SumoMe offers a responsive and a floating share button panel that works across all blogs.

The free version of SumoMe offers just about everything you need and it’s easy to set up. Install the plugin, register your account, pick the tools you want, customise placement and display, and you’re good to go.

Inspire people with snappy quotes

Click to Tweet, as its name implies, generates one-click tweet boxes or links that can be shared through any method: a specific link, your blog, or via email. When people click on the text, people will be transferred to their Twitter account, making it easy for them to share article content beyond the usual headline, along with a link.

The plugin for WordPress also allows you to create very stylish boxes to add to your blog for snippets of content, inspiring quotes and much more.

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