Rest and recovery are two very important requirements of the body that are not talked about enough.

Providing the body with rest allows it sufficient time to recover and repair muscle tissues. For people who exercise regularly and top level athletes, rest is a major part of their workout schedules.

Rest allows your muscles the recovery time they need. This is especially true with strength training, but with any form of exercise there is wear and tear on the muscles. For recovery and repair of muscles, time off from exercise is vital. Aside from this it is also important to focus on different muscle groups while working out to prevent injury. 

Here are some reasons why rest and recovery should be essential parts of your workout regime.

1.Rest reduces the risk of injury.

Taking a day off from working out prevents overuse of muscles. Without a rest day, you risk pushing the body too far which could result in overuse and injury – not what you want!

2.Over-training can have a negative impact on the immune system.

The immune system is activated during times of exercise to keep up with muscle repair and to prevent injury. When there is constant physical activity, the immune system weakens and the body becomes susceptible to injury and infection.

3. Overtraining affects sleep.

Intense exercise makes you more alert and too much of it can make you restless. If you’re working out excessively, you will notice your resting heart rate go up and your sleep being disturbed. A rest day will help lower your resting heart rate and allow you to get a good night’s sleep.

For a lot of people, taking a break from exercise can seem like a detrimental decision. On the contrary, it is essential for the body to recover and repair itself. A day off from your workout will not impact your performance negatively. In fact, a rest day will keep you mentally motivated to exercise and prevent burnout.