In every shape and form.

It’s a great time to be alive: the rise of alternative ice cream caters for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. You can indulge in delicious, scrumptious freakshakes (monstrous Australian concoctions made from a combo of milky goodness, rich, gooey cake, cookie chunks  cream and a carnival of colourful toppings) and vegan scoops — preferably not on the same day, but who are we to judge.

Truth is, ice cream is a summer staple. Therefore, it’s about time we celebrate it in all of its glory (with a little help from our community too).

1. Ice cream month is a THING.

In the US the month of July has been proclaimed “National Ice Cream Month”, and July 15 is “National Ice Cream Day”. It was signed into public law by President Ronald Reagan on July 9, 1984 with Presidential Proclamation 5219 — which basically means an ice cream on this day is allowed, if not encouraged.

2. A new generation of Gelateria

As New York prides itself on being the home of DF Mavens, the biggest vegan ice cream shop in town, and L.A. is the proud home of black ice cream joint Little Damage, London can now pride itself on being the (temporary) home of the pop-up NanaBar in Shoreditch. The pop-up serves ice cream made from frozen bananas, served with nutritious wholesome toppings (you can check their flavour of the day on Instagram).

London is also home to Chin Chin Lab — madcap ice cream flavours frozen with liquid nitrogen, which is as fancy as it sounds.

3. Dairy-free has gone mainstream

Last year, Ben & Jerry’s brought us dairy-free versions of their cult favourite flavours, like its Chunky Monkey (and it went the extra mile by partnering with Vegan Action to certify that the non-dairy flavours don’t include any animal products—so no eggs, dairy, or honey).

A year later Haagen-Dazs announced they were releasing four non-dairy flavours of their own. Yes, you heard it right. However, their recipes include a blend of other core ingredients (such as Belgian chocolate, peanut butter, and coconut cream) plus water and, unfortunately, some processed fillers. The sugar content is therefore much higher than other dairy-free options.

Some other dairy-free options include The Coconut Collaborative as well as newcomer Miiro, the first stick ice cream made with raw chocolate and nut ice cream filling (we can personally confirm that it is to die for). If you are a die-hard avocado fan, you may also be interested in hearing about Cado: the first avocado-based ice cream brand (yes, you read that right) that does not taste of avocado.

4. You can easily make your own

We asked our bloggers for their favourite ice cream recipes, and we collected a few of our favourites. This interesting combo of basil and coconut from Rough Measures is definitely a good pick for the most adventurous ice cream lovers.

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 Vegan banana ice cream is always an easy option you can whip up in less than an five minutes (we love this Lazy Cat Kitchen one  — pictured below).

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If you are a fan of sorbets, this instant kiwi coconut sorbet infused with lime and lemongrass from Natural Kitchen Adventures will quickly become part of your most pinned recipes. For mums and lolly lovers, we recommend you experiment with Hedi Hearts Peanut Butter Banana Lollies.