“Ronia, do you have a thing for your trainer? Would you consider him? He is great boyfriend material!”

I cannot tell you how many of my friends have said this to me over the past year and a half! And let’s not forget, even my mum has said this it me! You see in April 2015, my trainer walked into my birthday party with his guns and good physique on show, flashing his great smile and holding a bunch of flowers… and I haven’t stopped hearing about it since! He truly made a lasting impression! *This party was my big reveal party after 1 year of working with him and losing 3 stone, I did not allow him to miss it!

Just today another one of my really good friends asked me about my trainer. It made me really think about “love in the gym” and prompted me ask the question, why do we really fall for our trainers?

Here are my top 8 reasons:

  • Their physique (of course) – needs no explanation!
  • They listen to us talk – about everything and anything.
  • They get to know us and our body REALLY well – let’s be honest, who else really knows your body measurements?
  • We link happiness and joy with our trainers.
  • We are extremely vulnerable with them – we moan, cry, want to give up and laugh with them.
  • We develop a strong relationship.
  • We release oxytocin (love hormone) and endorphins (feel good hormones) when we exercise, so we associate those feelings with them.
  • Trainers encourage, support & cheer us on.

You can see simply why anybody, including celebrities and royalty, can fall for their trainers. Those 8 reasons would make the perfect relationship, right? Now, before my trainer falls over backwards thinking that I have developed a crush on him and I am declaring my undying love to him via this post, let me just say that I haven’t fallen for my trainer. Although, anybody who knows me well, knows that I do absolutely adore and speak extremely highly of him.

The main reasons I have not been struck by Cupid’s personal trainer arrow:

  • I RESPECT HIM A LOT – words can’t describe how much I respect all he has done to help me get to this point.
  • I respect his profession, reputation and morals
  • I would not work out well – but instead I would act like a giggling school child with a playground crush
  • I actually want to learn, grow & change
  • I would like to be like him one day

Now as we return into the gym as either a regular or a newbie getting inducted this week, if Cupid’s arrow does strike you and you get the hearts on for a trainer, please try your very very very best NOT to do any of these things:

  • Turn up to your sessions looking like Beyoncé at the 2014 Met Gala
  • Flirt with your trainer
  • Wear see-through gym attire
  • Text them, especially “Hey, what’s up?”
  • Ask them out
  • Kiss them
  • Touch them
  • Ask them to touch you

Much Love & Stay Healthy,