We are always looking for the latest news in health and wellness. Today we talk about four-day work weeks, hummus ice cream, Instagram stories tactics and Great Vegan Bake Off.

Just looking at your smartphone makes you less intelligent, study finds

It has long been believed that the smartphones in our pockets are actually making us dumber; but now there is evidence for it. The constant presence of a mobile phone has a “brain drain” effect that significantly reduces people’s intelligence and attention spans, a study has found.


The four-day work week is good for business

This spring, a New Zealand company tried a new experiment: Employees could work four standard days instead of five, but would be paid their usual salary. Newly released numbers from a study of the project, which lasted eight weeks, show that it worked. Workers’ sense of work-life balance went from 54% to 78%.

8 Influencers Share 8 Ways to Make Your Instagram Story More Engaging

Instagram influencers are always looking for ways to get more eyes on their content and promote brands they care about. Stories may be one of the best tools available to allow individual influencers as well as brands to get more personal with-and organically grow-their followers.

Hummus ice cream is here to answer your healthy (vegan!) dessert dreams

First there was dessert-flavored hummus that turned your favorite flavors-like brownies and snickerdoodles-into protein-packed treats. But if you thought that was a dream come true, just wait because the latest news is even sweeter. Thanks to one health-minded, chickpea-obsessed restaurant chain, hummus ice cream is officially a thing, and it lets you get your plant-based protein fix while savoring every bite of cold, creamy goodness.

Great British Bake Off To Hold Vegan Challenge This Series

Popular UK cookery show The Great British Bake Off is set to feature its first ever vegan baking challenge – allegedly thought up by host Noel Fielding. According to reports, Fielding suggested the idea to producers, who thought it would appeal to a ‘millennial snowflake’ audience.

This is how much Zoella reportedly charges for one Instagram post

If, like me, you’re perilously close to pay day and wondering just how you’re going to get through the rest of the week on a diet of out of date tinned goods from your kitchen cupboard, look away now.