Last week, I walked the whipping amount of 80,000 steps {thank you Fitbit for all the badges} and a lot of public transports, managing to get down on paper one short story, two articles and one proposal. I strategically worked on the short story on the train ride and kept my walks across town and the canal for articles.

When I am sitting down in front of my laptop, I am more likely to be replying to emails and liaising with the team, or working on email funnels.

I see writing as an indulgence, and for a writer that is pretty disgraceful. Especially because once I do get to write, man, the creativity flows.

I always thought I would never get the writer’s block – as whenever I was writing a short story / novel another brilliant idea would come my way.

As a blogger, blogposts would just keep on flowing.

As a journalist, I would write 7/10 articles per week.

However, once you stop for a while, it’s like having to drag yourself to the gym.

And I am a very prolific writer, ladies and germs.

This is why I had to get creative.

I have two ways I currently get it all down: are you ready to take notes? Good, dear Reader, because I am ready to spill the beans.

Quick aside: can we get real just for a second? Why would you spill beans? Seriously, British language, you need to give me full etymology on this one.

Where were we? Yeah, spilling legumes and writing on the go.

Evernote and typing mastery

You know those rude people always on their phone, the ones walking in the middle of the pavement face down on Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram?

Well, Fab the wizard (it used to be my nickname at my old job) is writing articles…just undercover.

I open my Evernote app and get down writing, listening to some of my writing mixes or a neat album {today is the turn of Joy Formidable}.

I am currently on my way to Shoreditch, typing like a MOFO, already pinging down another genius article idea on my way back. Actually, two. See, once you get the muse out, you will come back for more.

The pros of Evernote + typing is that it’s an easy way to sync your writing from phone to laptop, being able to make the most of your long walks, saving on transports and smash your Fitbit PBs.

Cons include draining your battery, getting achy thumbs and almost falling as you are not looking where you are going and almost slip on some food on the pavement (true story).

Before you ask, I do not write at crossings, traffic lights and such.

Google docs and dictation

One of the best tips from a copywriter. Use google docs and the dictation tool on your iPhone. Seriously. The voice recorder can go on for about one to two minutes, and it is bloody accurate. However, this is a tool I use strictly when in a quiet space.

This for two reasons: yes, I still feel a doofus talking on my phone and having to double spell words, and yes, a noisy environment can affect the quality of the transcription.

The pros are that you can dictate in your car, house, park and create a true stream of consciousness. Most of my best blogs come from dictating. It is quicker and gets you away from the desk.

The cons are quite obvious: you will have to correct a lot of errors and misspelling, as well as proofreading your work fairly quickly as sometimes you’ll struggle to remember what you meant to say when your Google Docs thought you were having an existential crisis about your kettle.

Bonus option

Dictate and let others transcribe for you. This is great for boss ladies who heavily rely on blogging but don’t have enough time and want to optimise their car journeys – check out Fiverr for some good options.

Et voila, I shall end this article here.

I reached my destination, and my Fitbit is gladly buzzing, letting me know I smashed my ten thousand steps once again.