As you know #HBloggers and YouTube are best friends at the moment.

However today we wanted to share with you some tips on the use and abuse (in a good sense) of video content on Facebook. Why videos? Because according to Amy Porterfield, a guru of Facebook advertising, that is what working right now in terms of attracting audience and growing the magical number of likes and shares on your fan pages, and let’s be frank — that is what we all want!

First a bit of figures: did you know that an average Facebook user has watched 75% more videos this year than in the same period last year? I (Aliya here) don’t know about you, but when I look back I realize how more and more often I find myself totally immersed into some tearful jaw-dropping hair-rising video-story of a cat saving a dog from a fire, or a yogi stepping far beyond of what is considered normal human body stretching capabilities. The good news is that you too can use the enormous potential of Facebook videos to grow your own #HAudience today, and here are some tips which we hope will be useful. 

{Please note, in this post we are referring to videos which are uploaded directly to Facebook, rather than those shared from other players, like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.}

No need for professional videos

You don’t need a huge budget or professional video editing skills to create video content that you can post on Facebook. In fact, you might’ve noticed how many of the most popular videos you’ve watched are taken with shaking hands using a smartphone and in poor light conditions (ok, I am not taking about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution clip here). An IPhone and simple editing software is all you need, though of course that is not to say that you shouldn’t start making beautiful short films of your own, should you wish to.

Make it short

And simple. There are too many other things to watch out there, so make sure you grab attention and deliver your message in as short time as possible. 30 seconds -1 minute-3 minutes max. It is particularly important to include a wow-image in the first few seconds so your lovely fans stop and watch it, rather just scroll right through.

Make it useful

You know your followers better than anyone else and you what they like and what they need – make a video that responds to those needs so to make it worth watching and sharing. Beach season approaching? – Why not make a video on detox juicing. Cold and rainy ? – Share some tips on some of the best warming and immune-boosting drinks.

Combine graphics, photos, text

Ok, everyone wants to see your pretty face – there is no doubt about it. But do try to incorporate texts, images, graphics, animation, etc. to make your video more informative and engaging. One important reason why to do so is because when Facebook videos auto-play, they do so without any sound. As a result, videos with your pretty “talking head” only might not do so well, rather than those that deliver some information even when watched on silent.

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