Staying motivated requires discipline, dedication, and doing something every day that brings you closer to your goals.

Motivation is the force that guides our behaviours to get results; whether it’s staying fit, eating well, losing weight, or working on building a successful business, they all require the same format.

Here are my top  5 tips on staying motivated.

1) Believe and Conquer: Self-belief is the most important thing you can do to stay motivated. Visualising that it has already happened, being your own cheerleader and posting positive affirmations around your house will turbo boost your self-belief mechanism. Believing you can achieve it means that you’re already halfway there.

2) Focus on the outcome: Set a goal and visualise it down to the last detail. See it, feel it, eat it, breathe it. When you focus on the outcome, you automatically feel more excited and energised to do whatever it is you need to do to reach your goal.

3) Practise the 3 P’s: Be positive, patient, and persistent. Adopt an upbeat, grateful and positive attitude and don’t compare yourself or your ideas to others – this can kill it. Whatever your goal may be, success does not happen overnight; good things happen to those who wait… so just be patient with yourself.  Taking daily action, having a deep level of focus, and making small steps towards your goal is vital for your success, so be persistent.

4) Reward yourself: Acknowledge your accomplishments and give yourself a reward when you do something that gets you closer to your goal. Book a massage, tuck into a new novel, or spend quality time with your loved ones. Positive motivation comes from rewarding yourself.

5) Find an accountability partner: Setting an intention to someone or a few others is like sending a message out to the world.  Holding yourself accountable to obtaining your goals and ambitions will give yourself the drive, motivation, and challenge to make it happen.

This week I want you to be bold and believe that your ideas, goals, or ambitions are obtainable, and you can do it.

Act like you already are a success, and achieved it. Putting on your daily ‘confidence pants’ will instantly give you the energy boost you need to feel good from the inside out.