Would you love to feel energised, alive and be able to access a state of ultimate relaxation that is possible when pushing your boundaries to the max?

Hear yourself saying ‘Boom’, ‘Yes!’, Good job’ and see yourself now pushing past that point and going further than you ever thought was possible? 

This is the question mindset coach Vida Scannell asked guests at Innerfit’s ‘Fitness, Protein & Performance’ event. This article shares highlights from the transformational evening that followed and shares with you a mindset technique for a brighter tomorrow.

What Happened at the Event?

In May 2018, Innerfit and 30 fitness-fanatics transformed Spaces Oxford Street into a fitness studio. Mindset coach Vida Scannell shared mindset techniques to help guests create change and improve performance, both in their physical performance on the night and in life moving forward.

“Our aim was to enable people to push their boundaries”, explains Vida, who added that “by learning how our minds and self-talk interact to drive behaviour and belief, we can change our mindset and reality”.

“It is simple, practical and powerful. It’s magic!”

What followed were immediate and remarkable results. Burning exhaustion was transformed into an energetic determination as we tuned into our ‘inner voice’. Positive self-talk – ‘there’s more’ and ‘let’s go!’ – enabling everyone to go further.’

Speaking in a post-workout group discussion, it was clear that these techniques helped everyone go beyond what they thought was possible in the workout.

More than that, many guests imagined themselves applying the techniques in all areas of life, for example “to control anger” or “build confidence for job interviews”.

As Vida said, it really was magic!

How Can You Push Your Boundaries?

Since the event, we caught up with Vida to find out how you can apply a mindset technique of your own.

Here is what Vida suggested:

“Try this tomorrow morning and experience for yourself HOW you can shape YOUR future with skills to create the outcomes that you desire:”

  1. Notice you are awake (!)
  2. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine yourself in your day ahead
  3. Play a film of yourself doing everything that you would love to be able to do today
  4. See what you see, hear what you hear, and feel what you feel
  5. Turn it up
  6. Once you have played the film all the way through, open your eyes and start your day

Notice what feels different now and what will be different at the end of your day.


To hear more from Chris and Vida, or to arrange a workshop please get in touch via email: chris@innerfit.co.uk and vida_scannell@hotmail.co.uk