Ah, YouTube.

You’ve given me some great times over the years, and also been responsible for sucking hours out of my day with your endlessly watchable content.

It’s undeniable that YouTubers are dominating much of the blogging scene these days, and as many of us ponder whether we should start vlogging our hearts out, we thought it’d be good to get some beginners advice from Pilates instructor and honorary hblogger, Lottie Murphy, to hear first hand what you need to get started on YouTube.

Why did you decide to set up a YouTube channel?

I used to want to be a presenter so started a YouTube channel originally to work on my presenting skills and I’ve also always loved watching other YouTubers. I started my health and lifestyle blog and my channel then changed to run alongside my blog. I now do a weekly video on a wellbeing subject, pilates workout or healthy recipe I’m loving. I also love doing vlogs and find people are inspired more when I’m just being real and honest. Instagram and Twitter can hide a lot but a video doesn’t.

What equipment did you need to get started?

The equipment I’m still using today. My camera is a Canon but I’m looking to invest in a better one soon. I use a small cheap tripod from Amazon too. Nothing fancy though.

How much work goes into each video you film?

It depends on the video. I will plan the video first and then it normally takes an hour to film and an hour to edit but it’s fun and I enjoy it so doesn’t feel like work.

Were there any initial hurdles that you needed to overcome?

You definitely learn as you go along and I am still learning and overcoming hurdles now. I had to get my head around editing as I’m not techy at all but IMovie is great and makes it really simple. I also find it hard sometimes to find time to do a video every week but I made a commitment to myself to do one every week in 2015 and so far so good.

What would you say to someone who doesn’t feel confident enough to talk on camera?

You don’t have to talk on camera to start a Youtube channel. You could do a lookbook style video like my latest one (watch here) or a recipe and just have a voiceover. But practice, practice practice – you don’t have to put the videos up. Show them to your closest friends and family and ask for advice, their support and encouragement will give you the confidence to keep going.

What have the main benefits of vlogging been for you?

Like a said a little earlier, I get a great response from my followers saying that they find me very relatable. I also find it a great creative outlet and love thinking up new ideas. I’ve met incredible friends who have Youtube channels too such as Carly Rowena and Zanna Van Dijk who I’ll be doing videos together with soon.

What are the top three pieces of advice you’d give to any health blogger wanting to start a YouTube channel?

1. Plan your first video, choose a subject you are really confident and excited about.

2. Film in daylight.

3. Go for it – don’t worry about what people are going to think or how many people will like it. Do it because you enjoy it.