Blogging from the heart is one of the most satisfying and challenging types of writing.

Here are five simple ways to tend to your heart, keep your creative well filled and surrender to the process of writing.

Prayer and meditation

In order to write from your heart you need to be connected to it. The best way I know to be in communion with your heart is through prayer and meditation. Our heart speaks to us in whispers, not shouts. If we don’t carve out time each day to listen to its whispers it is easy to miss them.

Follow what lights you up

You cannot blog from the heart if your well is empty. Keep your heart replenished by building your life around the things that light you up. When you surround yourself with what lights you up you will find yourself inspired. When you are inspired, you are in your spirit. When you are in your spirit the voice of your heart is able to express itself freely.

Share your story

One of my all time favourite quotes is by Ram Das who says “We are all just walking each other home”. When we share our story we hold up a mirror for other people to feel theirs. The most common comment I get from my book Light Is The New Black and my blog is that “it was like reading about my own life”. When we share our story we make others feel less alone. And in my experience, the more specific your story is, the more universal its message.

Be unattached to what people think

When you are sharing your truth, people are going to read it through whatever lens they see the world through. This has got to be the most challenging thing about being a writer. I believe that as writers our job is to be the messengers. As writers we have absolutely no no control over how our message will be received. Once we have done the writing our job is done.

Make people feel something

When writing from the heart it is less about the words and more about the energy that matters. When writing think less about the perfect grammar and more about allowing the feeling flow through you as you write. When you are writing from this space, that will be felt in the words.

Rebecca Campbell is a writer, intuitive spiritual mentor, inspirational speaker and teacher. Drawing on her experience as an award-winning advertising creative director at a Fortune 500 holding company, Rebecca guides women to courageously answer the unique callings of their soul so that they can light up the world with their presence.