There are over 23,000 Personal Trainers in the UK. Do you need one of them? If so, which is right for you? By the end of this post, you will be closer to knowing.

Let’s start with you.

How could a Personal Trainer help you? Put another way, is your fitness where you want it to be at this moment? If not, why not? What’s stopping you right now? What have you tried so far and could you do anything differently?

A Personal Trainer can cost anything from £30 to £150+ per hour. That’s a big investment. So why hire one?

There are times when we all lack motivation. You may need some inspiration or accountability. There is more to life than fitness and you may be too busy to decipher fitness fact from fiction amidst the plethora of ‘expert’ advice out there today. Maybe you need an expert you can trust. Perhaps you simply want someone in your corner.

If you do think a Personal Trainer could help then how do you know what to look for?

This 5-point checklist should get you started:

Your Goal

It starts with you.

What are you trying to achieve?

As the famous Chinese proverb says, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But before embarking on your journey, you must first know where you are going.

Don’t move a muscle until both you and your Personal Trainer are clear on what success looks like. Most Personal Trainers offer an introductory chat to help get to articulate this clearly.


Qualifications and past experience relevant to your goal can signal a particular Personal Trainer could be a good fit for you.

Ensure they hold a Level 3 Certification in Personal Training accredited by a recognised industry body like the Register of Exercise Professionals. Beyond that, link it back to your goal. If you’re keen to use kettlebells, for example, do they hold specialist qualifications in this area? If looking to burn fat, for example, can they share any client testimonials which evidence success? Could you talk to them directly to hear about their experience?


How do you like to work? Do you want an aggressive or ‘softly-softly’ trainer?

Ensure your trainer explains his or her way of working and the methodologies you’ll employ to achieve your goal.

Achieving your goal could take a matter of weeks, months or even years.

Getting there will be a lot more enjoyable if you have a trusting relationship and personal connection.


Do your homework. You are about to trust another person with your body.

Will your Personal Trainer respect your right to confidentiality? Do they have a clear code of ethics and suitable insurance? How long will your relationship last and have you built in flexibility in case of unforeseeable circumstances? How much will you pay and when? Are they aware of any injuries or pre-existing medical conditions which might impact your ability to train?

All boring but important questions. Ask them!


So you’ve ticked through everything so far: your goal is clear and the expertise, style and fundamentals you need from your Personal Trainer are in place. Rationally it makes sense to get some hired help. Only one question remains.

Does it feel right?

Your relationship with a Personal Trainer should be special. Invariably, the path will have its ups and downs. Blood sweat and tears could well be shed.

Only you will know whether a Personal Trainer is right for you. Trust your gut and, if it feels right, go for it

If you complete that checklist and believe a Personal Trainer can help you achieve your goal then NOW could be the right time!

Whether you’re searching via portals like Bidvine or Trube or have a short-list of Personal Trainers at your gym, we can try and help.

Get in touch with the author of this post Chris Pinner for more information.