I will start by saying I’m a big fan of afternoon tea.

I’ve been really pleased to see a much wider range of alternatives popping up around London recently, catering for those of us with special dietary requirements, or who just want something a little different from the normal cream scone and sponge cake selection. So when I found out that Health Bloggers were putting on a tea party, it took me all of two seconds to decide to book a ticket.

Heading into central London on a blustery Saturday afternoon, I thought the Tea Party would be a perfect antidote to a grey, windy day. The party was held at Raw Press, a cool industrial basement café on Dover Street dedicated to good nutrition and good taste. As I walked in I was greeted by a rainbow of smiling faces. Within minutes everyone was chatting and swapping Instagram profiles.

We had a fantastic array of Bluebird teas spread across the table. Between Coco Chai, Skinny Minny pu’erh and Earl Grey Crème – not an easy choice which one to start with. And the choice challenge didn’t end there! We were invited to take our pick from a giant fridge unit filled with a brightly coloured collection of Raw Press cold-pressed juices and mylks. The almost-glowing Green juices looked appealing, but after much deliberation I decided on a deliciously thick chocolate mylk, lightly sweetened with dates (and I wasn’t disappointed). We ended up sharing a few different juices and mylks around the table to get a taste of the different flavours. While we slurped through the juices, Jack from Raw Press explained a little more about the cafe and the goodness retained in juices by using cold-pressed techniques.

The highlight of the afternoon was definitely the Health Bloggers Bake Off. A number of generous Health Blogging ladies brought along their healthy afternoon tea contributions. From sticky slices and soft biscuits, to delectable brownies and a wonderfully vibrant green avocado and passion fruit pie, there was something to please everyone. It was also a great example of creative approaches that can be taken to replacing refined sugars and flour in baking, without sacrificing flavour or appearance. Following rigorous judging by an expert panel of tasters, a raw berry cheesecake was crowned as the ultimate Bake Off winner. It was so creamy and decadent that many of us secretly went back for a little bit of seconds (and thirds…).

With our sweet tooth appetites well satiated, the day rounded up with a short talk from Karianne at Your Fit World. In between being an inspiring athlete and nutrition student, she’s somehow found time to launch a range of ‘coconut ball’ snacks, full of healthy fats, protein and no hidden nasties. It was great to hear Karianne’s approach to eating in a healthy and satisfying way that genuinely nourishes the body.

Heading out the door with a bulging goody bag in hand, I left the Tea Party feeling very full. But not just full of healthy Tea Party tastings; I was also full of the joy of being surrounded by people who are passionate about food and wellness, and keen on sharing their wealth of tips and hints.

So what’s my recipe for the perfect afternoon tea? Mix together one generous cup of inspiring healthy ladies with a big dollop of cold-pressed juice expertise. Add a good measure of home-baked treats and finish off with a sprinkle of wellness tips. Just make sure you’ve left a little room in your stomach for seconds.