Health in itself is becoming more and more of a mainstream trend. Thanks to Instagram and the rise of DIYs and homemade products, this generation is not far from innovating health solutions that can make everyday life easier. The big question is: is it hot or is it just hype?

Pour-over Coffee: Hot (No Pun Intended)

An intriguing coffee-making method called ‘pour-over coffee‘ is expected to replace modern coffee-making practices in 2016. Pour-over coffee is the traditional way of preparing coffee using a paper filter and drip cone, and was invented in 1908 by Melitta Bentz, a German entrepreneur. Recently, it was discovered that many people in Japan still use this ‘coffee slow dance’. Today, pour-over coffee is being introduced to millennials all over the world by coffee enthusiasts, and even Starbucks are trying it out. They all seem to welcome this hot trend with open arms because it is ecologically-friendly and enhances the taste.

Matcha Tea : Hype

Japan is known for preserving their ancestors’ beliefs and tradition in almost everything, including food. One of the hottest trends right now is matcha tea, which originated in Japan. Although various brands are claiming the health benefits of matcha, it’s almost too good to be true. Raw matcha has a strong unpleasant taste, which is often offset by sweeteners, syrups and additives – full of calories and artificial nasties – added by tea brands.

Seaweed: Hot

As Well + Good declares, ‘Seaweed is the new kale’. No longer is seaweed popular in just Korean and Japanese cuisine,  it is also now being accepted in the Western diet. This underwater plant may look unpleasant, but it is clinically proven to be full of nutritious benefits for the skin! It’s even been described as a ‘miracle food’ by nutritional experts.

Tea-Based Detox: Hype

Several fitness models and celebrities with beautifully built physiques all over Instagram can be seen posting photos of themselves and their detox tea, or ‘teatox.’ What makes detox tea great is that it’s fun and easy to prepare, but this overrated drink has little known health benefits. You can naturally detox by drinking water with lemon and mint instead.

Ancient Grains: Hot

As the name itself suggests, ancient grains are not just a fad or a hype – they’ve been around since time began. Quinoa has already made its name in the past year as the perfect side dish, and in 2016, other ancient grains such as buckwheat and amaranth are starting to be served in restaurants too. These grains in particular are gluten-free – making them a perfect alternative for people suffering from Coeliac disease or following gluten-free diets.

Body-Weight Training: Hot

Don’t have enough workout equipment at home? No problem. Introducing the number one high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise of 2015: body-weight training. What’s great about using your body is that it is safe for the joints, unlike heavy weight training. Body-weight training is predicted to stay for a long time since it is more convenient and requires nothing other than yourself! Find out more here.

Snail Facial: Hype

This skin treatment will leave you feeling like you’ve just been slimed at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards – minus the green colour. Yes, health trends get weirder and weirder every year. The snail facial is said to be effective in removing dead skin and deeply cleaning pores. Melia muses, the sticky substance that comes out of the snail, is proven to effectively treat sunburns and other skin problems. However, the down side is that the treatment is expensive and not economical (people travel to Japan and Thailand just for this).

Athleisure: Hot

Gym outfits no longer just belong at the gym. Brands like Adidas and Tory Burch are getting into this fitness fashion where you can be motivated to get in shape anywhere, anytime. Fashion designers predict that  athleisure fashion will continue to evolve for many more years. Looks like it’s here to stay!