This month we are sharing with you a few of our bloggers from the Health Blog Awards.  We are starting with some of our shortlisted bloggers from Science & Nutrition categoryYou can get your tickets for the awards here.

Siobhan from Don’t Frig with My Food

My blog showcases my whole food based recipes along with information and tips on food safety/nutrition that I gained during my Food Security Masters as well as what I learn about food as my health journey progresses.

I have shared a lot of the information that I’ve learnt during my education and Masters on my blog that I feel would really help people and promote them to nourish themselves rather than deprive.

I’ve tackled topics that may not be immediately appealing to people and I feel I write in such a way that is easy for people to understand and not feel overwhelmed by it.

Sometimes it’s hard to write about the negative consequences of choosing the wrong food and it’s a hard sell sometimes but I feel I make it more easy to take on board with the tips that I offer to counteract it.

I struggle with writing topics that you know people won’t really like to read about/might not want to know, but I feel it’s too important not to share it.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

I would love to work for the food science shows on TV such as Food Unwrapped or The secrets behind your food.

Credits: Holistic Food on Instagram @stenella90

Camilla from Holistic Fish

My blog is about sustainability from a holistic perspective: incorporating a scientific perspective of environmental sustainability with living as part of a happy community made of healthy individuals. I am aiming to provide solutions instead of problems and adapt solutions to aim them both at those just starting with a new lifestyle to more seasoned tree-huggers.

I am aiming to incorporate science of health and environment… also did I mention I am a marine biologist, so had to be the science category!

My blog aims to unify environmental health with individual health and adding an element of community living. I believe I have created a unique niche and provide my readers with interesting content.

I am struggling to find time between having to write my Ph.D. thesis (finished now) and write experimental designs for my soon-to-be-started postdoc, and always having interesting content posted twice weekly.

My dream is to become a university professor in marine ecology and conservation inspiring future generations to care about our oceans!!

These are shortlisted blogs from Science & Nutrition Blog.

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