This month we are sharing with you a few of our bloggers from the Health Blog Awards.  We are starting with some of our shortlisted from our Fitness BlogYou can get your tickets for the awards here.

Beth from Beth Heddle

My blog is the platform I use alongside Instagram to share my passion for health, fitness and travel. I hope to inspire others and show my readers how easy it is to live a happy, healthy and balanced life without any drastic changes or fads. I am also a qualified sports nutrition advisor.

My blog is a realistic approach to living a healthy but happy life as well as maintaining fitness. 

As a university student, I know the struggles of keeping fit and I hope to share my experience with the aim of inspiring others.

I absolutely love to blog. But I also love to keep fit and study hard, as well as spend time with those who mean the world to me.

Now I tend to blog to a plan, if I’m with friends or family I won’t be blogging or focussing on Instagram, but when I’m alone and free to blog I strive to produce quality content for my readers.

My dream is to become a fitness and travel blogger showing the world how to keep fit exploring the world’s most beautiful places.

Indigo from Indigo Alice Fit

My blog is a self-built blog where I write helpful articles about fitness, food, health and lifestyle. Having studied a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and an MSc in Sport Business Management, I try to pass on my wisdom and experiences to others through my writings. I have a fun, personal style of writing and I aim to help others with everything I post!

I am obsessed with fitness.

From a young age, I participated in every sport I could try and that passion channelled my studies from PE A Level, Sport and Exercise Science BSc, Sport Business Management and now looking into a PT qualification so I can develop my fitness knowledge further. Despite having two heart surgeries that resulted in a huge almost 20kg weight gain, I reignited my passion for health and fitness and now want to help others to live their best, fittest lives too!

I think all of the shortlisted candidates are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I think I’m the most suitable to win because I Blog from a really knowledgeable and caring place. I’ve taken the time to study my qualifications and teach myself to build a proper website because I care about the information I’m giving to others and how they’re getting a little piece of me in every article they read.

I want to spread my passion for fitness and I’m so proud to be recognised for my efforts. Thanks, HBC!

I think my biggest struggle has without a doubt been finding and prioritising the time to write. I have a notepad full of blog article ideas that I want to write about and I’m always adding to it.

Between balancing a busy, high pressured brand management job at Unilever, my own health and fitness and maintaining some level of sanity, I find it time to dedicate the time I want to on my blog.

Credits: Hannah & Fitness

Hannah from Hannahndfitness

With my blog, I aim to create healthy recipes, share my fitness routines, motivate and inspire people whilst also sharing the reality of the fitness industry. I am 100% real and I am 100% me!

Each week I aim to discuss fitness tips, fitness topics and how everybody can become motivated and learn to love what they do.

I don’t believe in doing something you don’t love so I always find different areas of fitness to talk about. This gives my readers/followers more of an insight into fitness. It isn’t just about running or losing weight – it is so much more than that! It’s about doing something that you love so it becomes a lifestyle.

As well as that, I also provide healthy recipes every week. Again, this is to show my followers that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore nor a bore!

I love seeing people re-create my dishes and emailing me about my latest blog posts.

It not only motivates them but it motivates me too! It’s this that makes me believe I am suitable to the best fitness blog award. I love helping others switch up their lifestyle for a better, healthier one!

Balancing it with my full-time job as a Graphic Designer. It can become challenging at times – especially during a busy week but because of my motivation and love for my blog, I always manage to keep on top… Somehow!

Stay real to yourself. Don’t fall for trends, don’t love another sport just because everybody else does… Just do what you love to do.

These are shortlisted from our Best Fitness Blog.

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