This month we are sharing with you a few of our bloggers from the Health Blog Awards.  We are starting with some of our shortlisted bloggers from Yoga & Spirituality and Best European BlogYou can get your tickets for the awards here.

Best European Blog

Victoria from Sailing Through Fitness

My blog covers everything on how to make living a healthy and fit life easy and accessible for everyone. You can find it all, from delicious yet nutritious recipes to fitness routines and lifestyle tips to healthy travel guides.

Get your daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and positivity. 

I am currently based in Switzerland, therefore, it was the most fitting category, however, it was not solely for that reason. My blog does not fit in only one category since it encompasses every facet of healthy living.

My blog was created to be an easily accessible for anyone. Whether you’re a smoothie-drinking yogi or globe-trotting HIIT fanatic, you’ll find that extra info, motivation or information to make your health and fitness journey smooth sailing.

I get inspired by those around me.

I’ve based my blog entirely around what I get asked, making sure that there’s a little something in it for everyone.

Blogging takes a lot of time, and in order to keep it up, you have to make it a priority, as important as your job or your studies. Once I made myself a schedule to stick to, it got a lot easier.

I would love to start my own “thing”.

I have no idea what that “thing” will be, but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when I find my calling, I’m confident I’ll channel it into my own project. I hope to combine holistic health and yoga with fitness.

Credit: Sailing Through Fitness

Best Irish Blog

Ciara from the Irish Balance

My blog is my passion project. I work as a doctor, and I’m passionate about how our lifestyles (nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, relationships) affect our health. I want to continuously learn about this and share simple healthy lifestyle messages with people, so that we can help try to prevent illness before it happens.

My blog is my outlet to share healthy recipes, personal reflections, exercise ideas, and other bits and pieces I learn along my journey with everyone.

It’s also a way for me to share my journey to living a more balanced life too, which I hope will resonate with those who read the blog.

Well, my blog is called The IRISH Balance for a start! Jokes aside, I think that my blog has a really important role to play in Ireland.

Over the past couple of years, on the back of a big obesity problem, we’ve seen a slowly growing lifestyle movement here, with people realising we need to change how we live to help prevent illness instead of chasing it after it happens. I see so much confusion among family, friends and especially my patients about what’s healthy and what isn’t, with people following fads and trends without understanding why.

The best tip I got was to decide what I want my blog to BE, and to then be consistent with my posts.

This was fantastic advice because it made me focus on what messages I want to spread using the blog, and also got me to put a plan in place for regular posting, once or twice a week, and always on a Friday with a weekly ‘Friday Focus’ post.

Best Yoga & Spirituality Blog

Francesca from Francesca Oddie Astrology

My blog started out to discuss health, horoscopes, and harmony. Three is the magic number and they are my passions.  The path forwards is always twists and turns (especially as I’m an adventurous Sagittarius who is more focused on the journey than the destination!) 

As I have learned more about astrology, health and spirituality I have become vegetarian (and an aspiring vegan) and though my initial and core focus is astrology, the realisation that daily yoga will keep me sane has been revolutionary.

People often ask me why I decided to be an astrologer, I tell them I didn’t, it chose me!

My blog and moreover, my Instagram feed, is a world of astrological insight that spans the ‘hardcore’ astrology to the more simple and accessible astrology that everyone can relate to. 

I avoid sweeping sun sign astrology as it does not make sense to me. 

I’m the stiffest yogi in the world, the most ‘un-yoga’ person in the room (or at least I was for a long time) hyper, restless, excruciatingly impatient and as flexible a rusty deck chair.  I am now a committed student, fascinated by yogic philosophy and will remain an eternal student.  As astrologers know, to be a teacher (Sagittarius) we have to represent our polarity and remain eternal students (Gemini.)   

Blogging is a great connector and I love to connect with people.  When I was born, the moon had just risen and this is characteristic of the diary writer and blogger according to French doctors and statisticians Michel and Francoise Gauquelin. Words pour out of me and I love to share what I experience, learn and advise.

Keep going.  Keep showing the universe you’re committed and course, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Sarah from Sarah Fretwell Yoga

I am a yoga teacher and love sharing tips and tricks about my own yoga journey on my blog! 

I absolutely love the writing of Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now – even though it’s a fashion and travel blog, she shares her authentic experiences, the pictures are always so inspiring and it doesn’t feel inauthentic.   

There are hundreds of amazing yoga blogs out there, so I really am chuffed to be shortlisted!

However, if I had to give a reason, I think that I always try and write from the heart and share my authentic journey as a yoga teacher. I hope that my blog inspires people new to yoga that yoga is really for everybody and that you don’t have to be a ballerina, gymnast or dancer to develop flexibility and a yoga practice.

Sometimes I’m my worst critic, and will keep editing a blog post until 2 am! It’s easy to do, but sometimes you’ve just got to give yourself a break and be ok with it being slightly imperfect. Imperfectly perfect?!

Write from the heart and be authentic!

It will attract your true tribe, and your readers will love you for sharing things that can help them personally.

These are shortlisted blogs from Yoga & Spirituality and Best European Blog.

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