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Jessica from Positively Jessica Ward

I am a passionate blogger and journalist, an avid explorer and foodie and fitness lover. I am equipped with a first-class degree in English: Communications at Work and I have written for an eclectic mix of clientele, which has given me the skill set to effectively write for different publications in the most professional and creative way.

Through my own struggles with weight and bullying, I have now created a space on the internet for motivation, inspiration and positivity – a true escape from the outside world.

The ethos of my blog is orientated around turning difficult situations into positive outcomes and always looking at life through positive eyes – even when it seems impossible.

Through my own struggles with mental health and physical health, I believe that if I won this award it would help me spread my message as an individual.

I want to help people feel inspired, energised and positive. I want to make people realise that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes, yes, you do have to create your own light. After studying for my degree and struggling along the way, I have balanced all aspects of my life and I am now equipped with the correct tools to hold this award with gratitude and use it to the greatest of my abilities.

I am filled with happiness when other people love engaging and reading my content, that is why I love being a health blogger. To me, blogging is much more, it is a connection, it is a communication method, it is a way of radiating energies and it is a way of spreading a positive aura across the globe in a few simple steps. I just want to help people and I hope this can make this possible.

Dalai Lama is my inspiration.

Although Dalai Lama does not have a direct blog, he is very active across social media. His words of wisdom inspire my writings, I use his positive energy throughout my written articles. I love his approach to humanity, love and passion. He is all about equality, being happy and positive and appreciating the simple things in life. I think blogging is a wonderful way of connecting with all individuals and sharing the importance of equality just like Dalai Lama does, however, blogging can be on a larger scale if we share awareness.

Although I may not win this award, being nominated for the award has been a success and an award in itself. Just like Dalai Lama said: “The seed of goodness is found in the soul of appreciation”.

I would love to be a motivational speaker across the globe.

I want to share the positive message I have deep inside. I want to help people. I want to help people escape from the dark places they experience. Through my own experience, I want to help others. I appreciate that I have struggled and I am glad I went through and I was going through what I am because I am now equipped with the correct tools to help other people. Ultimately all I want to do is make this world a better place for everyone.

Credits: The Plantiful Brunette

Delicia from Plantiful Brunette

Plant-based recipes and nutrition advice to help people live the happiest and healthiest life possible. I originally entered the new blog category but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was shortlisted in the Health Blogger of the Year category!

I truly believe that eating a balanced plant-based diet is the best thing someone can do for their health when combined with exercise and mindfulness. For the longest time, I wasn’t interested in healthy eating or exercise in fact, up until a couple years ago my diet was quite the opposite – ready made food, takeaways, snack food, and anything sugary with the very little fruit and vegetables. This was fine for a while but over time, a poor diet takes its toll on your health.

I started to have digestive problems, acne, thin hair and I was losing a lot of weight because I just wasn’t enjoying the food I was eating anymore. It also affected my mental health. Anxiety, depression and panic attacks ruled my life – not much fun at all. I ended up missing a lot of school time, and didn’t get the A-level grades I wanted.

I realised something had to change, so overnight I changed my diet to a whole foods plant-based diet and within a few days, I started to feel better. And believe me, I’m not saying this diet is some sort of magical cure but it has really helped me so much!

So I decided to set up an Instagram page around a year ago and started blogging more seriously in the last couple months to share my experience, recipes and Nutrition advice and show people how fun and delicious eating a plant-based diet can be! I put a lot of effort into the food photography on my blog and making sure the recipes I am posting work really well and taste amazing.

I put a lot of effort into the food photography on my blog and making sure the recipes I am posting work really well and taste amazing.

I now have a place at The University of Surrey to study Nutrition next year.

I want to be able to make sure the advice I am giving people is the best it can be and is backed up with science. I also eventually want to have my own clients. There is a lot of misinformation in the health and wellness industry and I want to help try and change this.

I think that winning this award would really help me achieve this and I also want to prove to myself and other people that no matter how bad the situation you are in seems it is always possible to try and make a positive change in your life. You can achieve whatever you want to. It doesn’t matter if it takes you longer than other people. It just matters that you are trying your hardest.

I’m a perfectionist so it takes me a long time to put posts up sometimes because I want them to be absolutely perfect!

I have two blogs, this one and one about living an ethical lifestyle and I’m also a student so I end up being really busy with all this combined with trying to exercise and some of my other hobbies. 

Don’t compare yourself to what other people are doing. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that what you’re doing isn’t good enough because it’s different to what other people are doing. But being unique is what makes your content great!

Elizabeth from Young Gums

baby food with attitude – cool and conscious modern weaning, and post-partum nutrition tips for tired new mums.

I think I do something that no-one else does, and my blog has a very clear point of view behind it – plus a distinctive visual look and feel, and a clear sense of place (East London emerging food scene). I’m bringing some style and intelligence to a very outdated, confusing and daunting world of how to feed a baby well (and how to eat for optimum health as a new mother). 

My blog is currently being turned into a book (actually a series of three books over the coming three years) by Penguin Random House’s food and wellness division, Ebury (home of the Hemsley sisters, Yotam Ottolenghi, and Rick Stein who have all been super supportive of me!).

It has been featured in well-respected food industry trend reports and I have been interviewed by all sorts of lifestyle, food and parenting media.

Balancing it with a full-time job (as a brand strategist working with fitness, wellness, food, travel, lifestyle and sports brands e.g. Nike, Frame gym group, Sainsbury’s, Airbnb) AND a baby AND studying.

I had a good understanding of social channels from my day job but I’ve had to learn a lot about the realities of running my own little content engine. I’m lucky that I’ve encountered no negativity or criticism on the blog or the social channels…so far!

My biggest inspiration is my baby, and the many new mums (and dads) I meet who feel let down by the nutritional standard of much of the commercially-produced baby and kid food they encounter.

They are confused and overwhelmed about where to begin with cooking their own baby food.

Bloggers I’m inspired by are Angela from OhSheGlows, Natasha from HonestlyHealthy, Luisa from GreenKitchenStories and my fave – Jeanette from ShutTheKaleUp.

Her baby’s a few months older than mine and she’s been a real inspiration to me.

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