It’s 2015 – digital communication is fully ingrained into our culture and traditional, tangible post through the letterbox is all but redundant.

This means that receiving real life mail is even more exciting these days and frankly, until food can be sent digitally we shall remain unimpressed.

So we’re loving the new craze for healthy mail-order delivery boxes – and there is one for every kind of healthy liver, whether you’re a hardcore vegan, a beauty boff or a serious Paleo snacker, there’s a box waiting out there to be dropped through your door.

For Creative Clean Eaters – LifeBox (from £19.95)

The holy grail of superfood boxes, LifeBox treasure troves are stuffed full with a haul to get experimental foodies squealing with delight at the sight of the postie. Devised by self-confessed workout junkie and advocate of the power of natural food as the ultimate determinant of optimal health, Jenny Sleath is definitely one of us when it comes to her love for superfoods.

These fabulous boxes have already earned their place in the wellness canon and are well and truly a part of the revolution! Expect an assortment of base wholefood ingredients to get experimental with in the kitchen and help you to ‘create a pantry of everyday staples’ as well as appearances from your most-loved clean brands along with a few newbies to fuel your obsessions. They also make a great gift for friends unsure of where to start on their clean-eating journey.

Where LifeBox shines, though, is with its dedication to spreading knowledge on eating well – each item in the box must meet a criteria before it’s sent off to you, each treat must be from a UK based company, GMO free, organic, and free from preservatives. And just to ensure LifeBox is even more of a draw they go and pop in cute recipe and workout cards – we at Health Bloggers are all about educating when it comes to wellness, so that your monthly box leaves you with a little take-away knowledge to implement long after you’ve scoffed your snacks makes LifeBox a winner in our books. Be warned though, as advised on the website, your LifeBox may induce a number of side effects, including ‘feelings of supreme wellbeing’ and a little ‘pizazz and zing’.

For Primal Eaters – Primal Snack Box (from £9.99)

The name behind Perfectly Paleo, Primal Snack Box is the UK’s first exclusively Paleo snack box dedicated to charming the pants off followers of the ‘Caveman Diet’ with its abundant selections of sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, grain-free goodies.

Available in a range of varieties to suit your tastes and appetite, options include the super-meaty and high protein ‘Savannah’ box and the Barrecore box, dedicated to Paleo-endorsing Niki Rein. And you don’t have to be Paleo to enjoy these boxes, Primal Snack Box also caters to vegetarian and vegan snackers, or Pagans, we believe they’re called. All you grain gobblers will appreciate the contents too, with cacao, coconut and nut-based yummies to keep you from missing your oats.

If Royal Mail had existed in Palaeolithic times we’re sure our ancestors would have taken a break from foraging once a month to treat themselves to a Primal Snack Box 😉

For Hard-Core Raw Foodies – Well and Happy Hampers

Winner of the most charming delivery box award goes to the raw food-filled delights of Well and Happy. Founded by yoga teacher, health coach and chef Chelsea Parsons, Well and Happy hampers reflect her passion for simple, nourishing, alive food. There are no packaged foods here – Chelsea makes every delicious morsel that goes into her boxes, right down to the home-brewed kombucha. Every item in the Well and Happy hampers is an embodiment of the brand’s ‘Good Food, Positive Vibes’ motto. Expect raw balls and crackers, vegan cheesecakes, activated nuts, canapés, and even superfood cocktails catered to detoxes, cleanses, one-off birthdays, gatherings, picnics and business meetings – Well and Happy is highly flexible and bespoke to each customer.

For Runners – JoggBox (£15 per month)

Running is hailed as being the most simple of activities to take up – you need only a pair of trainers and you’re off. But once you cross that line from hobby jogger to fully fledged running geek (if you go to sleep with your foam roller and find yourself day-dreaming about negative splits then this is you…) the world of running equipment suddenly becomes a very large one.

We don’t all have the time or the funds to be buying different packs of energy gels to test each week, there are recovery aids in existence we have no idea about and the number of post-run snacks out there is a little overwhelming. Luckily for us, then, that JoggBox exists to kit us out for those Long Slow Runs, tempo sessions and fartleks. Once per month you’ll receive your JoggBox through the letterbox filled up with all manner of running-related excitement including snacks, energy bars and gels, accessories, mini torture devices (aka self myofascial implements) and handy training tips for runners of different levels to get the most from their training.

For Coffee Lovers – Kopi Coffee (from £7.95)

What gets a coffee connoisseur’s heart racing more than, well, coffee? Carefully selected coffee through the letterbox, of course!

If you’re not one for big surprises but still appreciate the anticipation of a new blend then Kopi Coffee delivery boxes are for you. Kopi keeps it simple when it comes to their boxes, confident the coffee snob in you will be more than satisfied with their monthly choice of one 250g hand-picked, single-estate brew from around the world, along with preparation and tasting notes so you can impress with your knowledge on all things bean.

Kopi selects rare coffees that you’re unlikely to find amongst mass-produced varieties in your usual supermarkets and all beans are UK-roasted. Opt to receive either espresso or filter, beans or grounds and whether you’d like your gourmet delivery monthly, bi-yearly or yearly, forever ensuring your caffeine game is strong.