Hello love birds, Happy Valentine’s Day.

We hope you’re spreading the love with your friends, family and other halves today, and what better excuse  to spoil yourself with chocolatey treats and yummy goodness than Valentine’s Day?! We’ve rounded up our favourite recipes shared on the platform this week and, unsurprisingly, there has been a wonderful selection of love-inspired, heart-shaped treats to choose from! We can always rely on our community of awesome health bloggers to get inventive and come up with awesome creations in the kitchen, that’s why we love you guys! As always, to be featured in the HBC Cookbook series, share your recipes in the Recipe Sharing Group. Now, before we get too gushy, here’s our favourites:

5-ingredient Red Velvet Brownie Hearts: Dower and Hollingsworth

The ultimate decadent Valentine’s Day treat only requires 5 ingredients – sign us up!

“These raw red velvet brownies are just so gooey, fudgey, chocolatey and amazing that we have to make double as much batter as we need because in between the bowl and putting it into moulds a lot of it seems to disappear – it’s just too irresistible! Believe us, these brownies will get you SERIOUS brownie points, whoever you choose to share them with. We hope you love them as much as we do (we think you will)!” Read more…

Chocolate Mousse Cake: Danielle Heyhoe


A healthy take on the chocolate mousse brownie? Yes please!

“There are two components that make this mousse incredibly fluffy. Firstly, the cashew nuts were soaked over night before being blended, which makes them extra soft. Secondly, the combination of Greek yoghurt and coconut milk makes it less dense and much lighter – that extra creamy mousse element. If you are dairy intolerant, you could make this with coconut yoghurt instead.” Read More…

Double Chocolate Torte: The Wonky Spatula


“It is so blissfully indulgent that you will hardly believe that it is 100% natural when you taste it! The perfect thing to wow your loved ones with this weekend, or if you are still waiting on that special someone – grab a couple of pals and dig in!” Read More

Chocolate Caramel Squares: A Healthy Wanderlust

“I don’t believe anyone needs an excuse to get some caramelly, chocolatey goodness in their life. Treat yourself and your loved ones to these delicious morals, guaranteed to earn you some serious brownie points… This dessert has to be one of my all-time favourites, a classic treat that certainly made a regular appearance throughout my childhood; gobbled up on mass for an after school sugar fix (normally resulting in me bouncing off the walls, much to my Mother’s delight). This version, although still a treat, is however Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Refined Sugar-free – HORRAY!”  Read More…

Passionate Pink Smoothie: Healthy and Psyched

“This passionate pink smoothie is bound to get you excited this valentines day. Its made from 100% natural ingredients but tastes just like pink lemonade! I don’t know why but the raspberry and spicy ginger make it seem almost fizzy.”

“This would be perfect for an after dinner treat because it will leave you ready for the night ahead. Banana is a brilliant source of energy while the ginger root will help to stimulate your circulatory system and increase blood flow.”