At the HBC we love brands helping us to live healthier. And brands that bring us products that make us healthier and taste delicious are top of our wish list.

So this week we’re bringing you four of the tastiest new products on the block that you really need to know about.

Let’s dive in to our Recommended Edit: Taste Sensations…

Tideford Organics Tomato and Basil Soup with Red Pepper Miso

Creating nourishing food with organic ingredients has always been the Tideford way. Their new Tomato + Basil Soup with Red Peppers + Miso is the first organic FODMAP-friendly accredited soup in the UK. Packed with Vitamin C, the soup is a delicious combination of Italian tomatoes and red peppers with a dash of indulgent coconut cream. Like everything Tideford make, it’s organic, vegan and gluten-free with no added sugar.

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Sweet Revolution

Sweet Revolution blended Turmeric powder with unrefined coconut nectar, coconut milk powder and a touch of cinnamon and black pepper, to create a delicious and nourishing drink. It has the convenience of an instant drink which you can take, and make, anywhere. We hope you like it as much as we do – it really is a ‘hug in a mug’!

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Coconut Merchant Coconut Jam

Simply made from organic coconut nectar and organic coconut milk, this jam has a unique caramel sweet taste that’s perfect on bread, pancakes, or in baking – or even on its own, straight from the jar! If you are wondering where the rich brown colour comes from, it’s because it’s made from pure coconut nectar and coconut milk, and coconut nectar is naturally brown. It’s then caramelised together with coconut milk to create a velvety, melt-in-the mouth spread.

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Point Blank

A natural energy drink that isn’t packed full of sugar, chemicals, and other nasty ingredients – just specialty coffee and water. Point Blank Cold Brew is a refreshing drink that gives you an instant energy boost any time you need it. The cold brewing process draws out the sweet chocolatey and caramel notes naturally found in the coffee, dramatically enchancing the flavour and drinkability.

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