We love brands that help us live our healthiest lives here at the Health Bloggers Community. This week we’re bringing you the ultimate healthy cupboard staples from Biona, perfect for baking, snacking and cooking.

Coconut sugar

Enjoy the rich butterscotch flavour of our Biona coconut sugar, the perfect alternative sweetener for drinks, desserts and baked goods.  With a low melt temperature and high burn temperature, coconut sugar is especially suited to everyday cooking needs. Made from the liquid nectar of the coconut blossom, coconut palm sugar is a low GI sweetener with a glycemic value of 35, compared to regular cane sugar which is typically GI 68.  Biona organic coconut sugar has not been filtered, processed or bleached.

Coconut flour

Made from the finest selected organic coconuts, this is a healthy alternative to wheat and other grain flours, ideal for both sweet and savoury baking. Coconut flour has a whole range of health benefits including being high in fibre, protein and healthy fats and it’s naturally gluten free, making it perfect for diet friendly baking and cooking.

Peanut butter

Biona Organic peanut butter is made using carefully selected nuts, which are freshly roasted in small batches just before milling to create our creamy, smooth nut butter, combining healthy fats and a variety of vitamins. We’ve added no sugar or salt, so you can enjoy it as nature intended. Spread over hot rye toast, spoon onto your favourite porridge, drizzle into cookies or mix in smoothies for a protein hit. As we do not use additives such as palm fats or emulsifiers, our nut oil may separate. This does not affect the quality, simply mix back in to restore the delicious creamy consistency.

Coconut milk/cream

Bringing a little luxury to dishes, our silky coconut milk/cream can be used in everything from aromatic curries to dairy-free ice cream. A wonderful dairy alternative, it adds a creamy texture, subtle sweetness and delicate flavour to a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Pressed from coconut kernels, our natural coconut milk contains no artificial ingredients and as a result, the coconut fat and water content can separate, but this has no impact on the final quality of the product: simply shake the can or blend the contents to re-combine!


Windmill Organics and the Biona range are sponsoring the first ever HBC Bake Off on 17th August. Find out more here.