Our next HBCxMeet event is all about self-love and credibility in the wellness industry. With packed panels ready to share their wisdom be sure to get your ticket to get the latest tips and advice from the leading pros. Tickets are available here.

As a little preview we’re rounding up the brands you’ll be able to experience at the event. HBCxMeet is all about networking and growing your community; we love putting bloggers and brands together so they can get the most from one another.

Let’s see who’s on the Edit this week:


PJ Kombucha

What the guys from PJ Kombucha say:

Our Ginger & Lime PJ Kombucha is a crowd favorite. It is crisp and refreshing and is often described as a ginger beer, just healthier for you. The familiar flavors of Peruvian ginger and Brazilian limes, compliment the natural Kombucha taste beautifully, creating the perfect flavor to introduce newcomers to Kombucha.

Find out more about PJ Kombucha Ginger & Lime. 


Pulsin Flavoured Protein Powders


What the guys from Pulsin say:

Our brand NEW flavoured protein powders are available in Vanilla Whey and Chocolate Pea Protein varieties – both these powders can easily be mixed with your choice of milk or water for a great tasting protein drink on the go, ideal for supercharging your protein intake, as well as being a great source of calcium, iron and zinc.

Find out more about Pulsin’s new flavoured protein powders


We are tea

The UK is a nation of tea monsters consuming over 165 million cuppas every year & growing. We keep up with this demand by offering a range of the tastiest black, white, green, oolong, function-led & infusion teas in loose or tea bags. Whole leaf, and nothing but the leaf! Keeping the leaf whole means the leaves retain their great taste (55 Great Taste Awards don’t lie) & endless health benefits.

Whilst coffee can be one dimensional (hits you with that steep caffeine boost) teas can wake you up, calm you down & everything in between! Beyond sipping, ethics is at our core.

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What the guys from Onist say:

Our Choc Pots are a delicious, rich and amazingly tasty dessert that are good for you. They make a great spread for toast or porridge topper, but we prefer to just dig in with a spoon! Our Choc Pots are nutritionally balanced and completely natural and so are the perfect guilt free option.

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To meet these brands and more join us for HBCxMeet on 24th February, get your tickets now.