We have stacks of amazing brands coming to share their goodies with you at our next HBCxMeet event in London. Make sure to join us for networking and great talks and to walk away with a goody bag featuring some of these treats. Tickets are available here.

Let’s dig in to the virtual goody bag and see what we’re crushing on this week:

Strong Roots

Frozen for maximum freshness, this is convenient food with no compromise on taste or goodness. The full Strong Roots range includes Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Kale & Quinoa Burgers, Garlic Roasted Sweet Potato, Beetroot & Bean Burgers, Roasted Beetroot Wedges, Mixed Root Vegetable Fries, Spinach Bites and Pumpkin and Spinach Burgers.

All products are available nationwide at Waitrose, Morrisons, Ocado, Amazon Fresh and various independent stores and are priced at £2.99 per bag.

Find out more about Strong Roots.

Beanbag Coffee

So what exactly is Beanbag Coffee? It’s our take on Asian style coffee. It’s real coffee made with real hands. No fancy machines. We create our unique blend with coffee beans from India and Thailand and beans from a small family-run farm in the Sethuraman estate in Southwest India, in such a way to give, what we believe is a unique taste.

Find out more about Beanbag Coffee. 


Coconut Merchant

Coconut Merchant are passionate about sharing delicious, ethically sourced natural foods with the world – and from natural kitchen staples like coconut oil, to more unique options like our Organic Coconut Jam, they’re proud to have the UK’s widest range of coconut products.

Find out more about Coconut Merchant. 


Upbeat Protein Smoothies

“Before founding Upbeat, my morning routine included making a whey protein smoothie for my family and I.” says Upbeat founder Mark Neville. “We soon came to realise that this morning ritual was more than just a delicious breakfast, but also helped us to feel energised to power through the day.”

Mark decided to share this wisdom by producing Upbeat protein smoothies, just as he would have at home – blended with real fruits and high quality whey protein. The natural sugars combined with whey protein have a low GI and release their goodness slowly, to keep you running efficiently through out the day.

Find out more about Upbeat.


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