Got your ticket for HBCxMeet Dublin on 3rd March? If you want to be in with a bumper goodie bag, you need to be there!

We’ve been packing frantically and here’s what you’ll be finding in your HBC tote back come Saturday. Get your tickets now.


Together Health supplements

It all began in Yorkshire with Lee and, shortly after, his younger brother Daniel.

Trying to be healthy, but getting frustrated with how difficult this was in a world of hectic schedules and convenience culture. Working with the leading experts in nutrition and health, along with the highest-quality ingredient producers in the world, Together Health is dedicated to making the most natural, wholesome and healthiest supplements you’ll find. From the earth to the oceans, the roots of our products will always be recognisable and grounded in nature.

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Dollop Ghee

Irish ghee, made in Co. Louth, Dollop Ghee is new on the market and set to make a big impact. Nutty flavour with a high smoke point, this ghee is perfect for frying or roasting, or delicious stirred into rice, veg  and porridge.

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Clearspring Brown Rice Chips

Clearspring’s organic brown rice chips are exceptionally crispy, made with 100% wholegrain rice.

High in fibre, low in saturated fat and only 122 calories per serving. They make a wholesome and satisfying snack any time of the day.

A delicious alternative to potato crisps, perfect for sharing. Enjoy straight from the pack or with your favourite dips.

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Wellnice Pops

Friends for over a decade, BJ and Trín created Wellnice Pops – a range of deliciously healthy ice pops made from 100% cold pressed vegetable & fruit juice and nothing else!

BJ and Trín are on a mission to show that although healthy living is hugely important, it doesn’t have to come at the expense of balance and having fun!

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Want these goodies in your life? Join us on the 3rd March, tickets still available here.