Here at the Health Bloggers Community we are big fans of resources, tools and workbooks to support you and your blog in its growth (and general awesomeness, as always). This is the reason we have a comprehensive toolkit with the best guides, software and social media helpers for your reference. However, we also like to bring you some of our very special freshly-baked picks to give your branding a refresh.

This week we are focusing on creating a kick-ass logo as well as how to make handy PDFs for your upcoming ebooks.

Logo Creation Kit Bundle Edition


This bundle is not for beginners (as it does require basic Photoshop skills), but it features five awesome logo creation kits and four free bonus logo sets. We all know how important a logo is for your brand and blog – so if you are not really into hiring someone who may compromise your vision, this set is exactly what you want.

Create stunning logos using the 900+ elements and the 100+ suggested fonts or edit the logos that are already included (we are talking about 200 mockups).

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Small PDF Compress


I love this tool to crunch PDF files in no time, without losing the quality. It is necessary to compress these files to be able to send them as email attachments or upload them to your website, or Dropbox, if it’s a lead magnet. Even better, if you are ready to create your very own eBook (just like we show you in our workshop), you’d definitely find this programme to be one of your favourite sidekicks. There are many options for compressing PDF files, however this is my personal favourite. Perfect for eBooks, meal plans, fitness plans and everything in between. Bonus: you can use this tool in plenty of other ways as well.

Use it here

Floral Soul Bundle


The Floral Soul Bundle contains full-blown kits as well as fonts and floral elements at an amazing prize. Depending on your style and the overall vibe of your blog, this could be your new best friend. You will get more than 1300 elements to combine and to create colourful and vibrant designs. Combine flowers and bouquets, as well as amazingly crafted fonts. Perfect for blog graphics, branding, websites, packaging, advertising, graphic design and much more.

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Lifestyle Social Media Pack

Give your social media accounts a design upgrade as well as a coherent look and feel thanks to this pack (and yes, we do know the importance of good branding) once again, you will need a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (however, the package comes with handy instructions). The pack contains 15 easy to edit, fully customisable social media headers, created in Photoshop and designed to stand out of from the crowd. This pack is ideal for bloggers as it includes rather exciting templates for you including the “get the App”, “we are hiring”, “inspirational quote”, “download the ebook” and much more.

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