Here at the Health Bloggers Community we are big fans of resources, tools and workbooks to support you and your blog in its growth (and general awesomeness, as always). This is the reason we have a comprehensive toolkit with the best guides, softwares and social media helpers for your reference. However, we also like to bring you some of our very special freshly-baked picks to give your branding a refresh.

This week we are focusing on Instagram tools, as well as handy ways to engage with your readers.



There are more and more tools cropping up when it comes to scheduling your Instagram posts. However, ScheduGram is definitely a favourite of ours, here at the HBC. We talk about it in our Photo Booth course. Unlike other software and apps, you don’t have to have your phone on you at the time something is scheduled, or muck around posting it yourself. ScheduGram does it all for you. No wonder we fell accidentally in love.

Get it here.

Pitter – with Script Font


Foodies, rejoice. This font is probably going to be your next favourite branding tool. If not, well, shame on you. Seriously, how can you resist the adorableness? Or maybe we are just focusing on the pizza – who knows. The font comes with a script version and a cleaner uppercase version. Great for branding, logos or Instagram announcements.

Get it here.

Disqus WordPress Plugin


We talk about Disqus a lot in our Blogging Superhero course – which means that is must be good. Visually appealing and easily compatible with most WP themes, Disqus is a free platform that allows you to manage comments on your blog.  Use this plugin to enable Disqus on your WordPress site. This is a replacement for WordPress’ default commenting system. Disqus is much more user-friendly and better-looking overall.

 Get it here.

Creative Convex Photo Pack


We all know that stock photos do go a long way. They are handy for featured images, branded calls to action and social graphics alike. This free photo pack is surely a sweet deal: it includes the 10 landscape photos with their 10 Pinterest optimised portrait counterparts, which can be put to use in a variety of ways. This free, pretty damn awesome resource is great for bloggers looking to freshen up their photo library. You are welcome.

Get it here.