We love working with brands and helping them to collaborate with our bloggers – so much so that we are always on the lookout for exciting people to talk about and share with them. During our extensive research to find the hottest trends and coolest products, we come across up-and-coming brands that we just have to introduce you to! Some of the brands below you’ll find in our opportunity board, others are simply companies our detectives found online. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Edit this week.

The Inner Fix12565370_813258838801605_8440602826797276579_n

We’ve all heard about the ‘issues’ facing twenty-somethings in Generation Y: a sparse job market, crippling student loans, soaring house prices and a rising cost of living… never mind the ever present force of social media which, instead of providing the comfort we need, often leaves us feeling inferior and alone. Instead of turning to material things or substances to perk you up, authors Persia and Joey of Addictive Daughter encourage you to get addicted to the good stuff. The Inner Fix is a step-by-step programme that helps you dramatically improve your life through happiness, confidence, gratitude and self-love. Persia and Joey share their experiences of life in the 21st century in a seriously inspiring, honest and open way – guiding you on your path through your twenties and beyond.

Pick it up at: Available online from Amazon

Perfect for… If you need to break a cycle of self-destructive behaviour, or would just like to know you’re not alone!

Qnola: Mixed Berry & Golden LinseedIMG_8676

Many granolas and cereals claim to be healthy, but with most of them containing astonishing amounts of hidden sugars, the reality is that they are far from it. Introducing Qnola: the healthy cereal of the breakfast world, these cereals are packed full of nourishing and wholesome ingredients that don’t compromise on flavour. Qnola have been around for a while, first launching in 2014, however this summer the brand has reinvented one of its most popular flavours – Strawberries and Cream – to give it an anti-oxidant boosting, energising edge. Say hello to the new Mixed Berry & Golden Linseed blend. Entirely nut free and nutritionally enhanced, this breakfast is bound to brighten up your morning!

Pick it up at: Available online worldwide from Qnola, and in various shops across the UK, Europe and China

Perfect for… Jazzing up your morning with a colourful, nutritious breakfast.

Vegan iChociChoc_6-Sorten_2016_2

Who doesn’t LOVE the taste of milk chocolate? Whilst dark chocolate varieties may contain more antioxidants, sometimes all you want is a big bar of dairy milk (am I right?). But if you’re vegan, how do you indulge your desires without compromising your morals? Introducing iChoc’s range of ‘milk’ chocolate. Made using rice milk, bourbon vanilla and a touch of sea salt, Milkless imitates the luxurious taste of milk chocolate without compromising on values. All ingredients are organic and there are six flavours in total, including super nut, choco cookie and almond orange, so you’re utterly spoiled for choice! No longer must vegan chocoholics suffer in silence.

Pick it up at: Available in health stores like Planet Organic in over 30 different countries. Or buy online from one of these retailers.

Perfect for… Vegans who need their milk chocolate fix!

Cool Down HoodieXA_06_0357

Are you always the first to know about the latest trend in Activewear? Then you may want to take note. Xavier Athletic have designed the world’s first ever ‘cool-down hoodie’, designed to alter your temperature both pre and post gym, so that you don’t have to carry around a change of clothes. Made from a unique, breathable fabric that has thermal properties, the signature hoodie keeps you cool in hot temperatures and warm in cool temperatures, thanks to its tiny pockets of air. It practically breathes, whilst preventing skin irritation after you work out. Sadly, this design is only currently available for men, so it looks like us girls may have to struggle a little longer with our multiple pre, during and post workout outfits!

Pick it up at: Available online with free delivery in the UK.

Perfect for… Barely noticing the temperature change as you leave the warm house and embrace the cold outside.