We love working with brands and helping them to collaborate with our bloggers – so much so that we are always on the lookout for exciting people to talk about and share with them. During our extensive research to find the hottest trends and coolest products, we come across up-and-coming brands that we just have to introduce you to! Some of the brands below you’ll find in our opportunity board, others are simply companies our detectives found online. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Edit this week.

Daily Harvest smoothie cupssmoothie-banner

These ready-to-blend superfood smoothies come pre-portioned, so all you have to do is empty the mix into your blender, add liquid and whizz for 30 seconds. All cups are meant to be reused, so they come with a reusable lid (with straw hole) – perfect for if you’re dashing out the door! All ingredients are picked at peak maturity, then flash frozen to maintain farm-fresh nutrient density and flavour, without using preservatives or added sugar. With a range of 14 amazing flavours – including mint + cacao: the ‘purifier’, and blueberry + hemp: the ‘booster’, there’s something for every taste bud!

Pick it up at: Available online in the US

Perfect for…  Mixing with coconut water when you’re in a hurry.

Balm Balm lip balmbalm-balm-rose-geranium-organic-lip-balm-7ml

Made from wonderfully simple, natural ingredients, this lip balm is the natural, organic alternative to petroleum jelly. It can also be used to soothe, moisturise, nourish and condition other areas of the body such as cuticles, elbows, face and heels. If you have any random dry patches on the body, this natural balm is great because it doesn’t aggravate skin, but instead, gently moisturises. All ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin and are non-toxic, so the balm can even be used on sensitive skin and children.

Pick it up at: Available online from LoveLula.com in the UK, or check worldwide stockists here

Perfect for… We recommend using it as a deeply nourishing mask for eyelashes whilst you sleep!

Lifehouse Tonicsoriginal

Specialising in unique superfood blended tonics and steeped elixirs packed with tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, lifehouse tonics + elixirs help support vitality, health, and longevity. They incorporate potent Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic elements, and revered medicinal mushrooms to boost nutrition, balance energy, increase feelings of well-being, and support your body’s natural defences. We particularly like the Thunderstruck blend – designed to boost energy with active ingredients like maca, astragalus, cordyceps and eleuthero.

Pick it up at: Available online in the US

Perfect for… Boosting your mood naturally.

Pure Chimp Super Cleansernatural_cleanser_grande

We are all about upgrading our beauty routine to include only vegan, non-toxic products. So naturally, we want to share these awesome products with you when we find one we love. This cleanser is not only ethical, but also pretty damn cool. It comes in a jar, you break a piece off and mix with water in your palm to form a cleansing milk. All ingredients are natural, and include bananas, almonds, olive oil and sea buckthorn oil. This cleanser gently exfoliates your skin whilst drawing out impurities, leaving you feeling moisturised and revitalised. What’s more, it smells of deliciously sweet banana!

Pick it up at: Available online in the UK

Perfect for… if you have sensitive skin and want to use completely natural ingredients on your face